About Us

What’s all this then?

Who’s behind these colorful little fellas with the funny names?
Well, we are. And we’re Smile Makers.

It’s our name because it’s what we believe in. Smiles. Big ones.

They look beautiful on you. And feel even better.

We believe it so much we created this little gathering of friends
for you to play with.

Happiness gadgets. Glee contraptions. Joy creators.
Call them what you will, they know exactly how to keep a smile on your dial.

Smilemakers Packaging

And because we believe that’s as healthy as it is lovely, you won’t find us in places in that might make you uncomfortable. No red lights, no grubby back alleys. That’s just not our style.

You can find us right here though, and pretty soon in health and beauty departments all over the world.

Hope you enjoy your look around. It’s nice to meet you.

And when you’re up for a smile, come play with us.