A Vibrator With A Human Touch Feel?
Smile Makers’ New Vulva Vibrator Is Changing The Game For Female Pleasure!

The Ballerina Is the First Vibrator Ever Featuring This Innovative Texture!
After 3 years of research and development, femtech brand Smile Makers is launching a new vibrator. Named after suggestion from their online community, the Ballerina will be the first personal massager using a brand-new texture. Made of injection-molded silicone gel, it provides a unique Human Touch feel on the skin.

Texture Is A Key Element For Great Vibrator Experience

Yet, no real innovation has been made in that field until now. Unlike power that you can easily increase by using a stronger motor, texture is a more complex feature to upgrade.

Indeed, Smile Makers had to develop a whole new manufacturing process to create this Human Touch texture. Gel silicone gets injected inside a soft silicone shell. This results in an organic fit around the powerful vibration technology embedded inside. This combination of softness and strength creates the human-like touch.
It also allows to fit every vulva’s anatomy.



The First Palm Fit Vibrator Complimenting The Whole Vulva

The clitoral glans, the labia minora, the urethra and the vaginal entrance share the same nerve supply and respond as a whole during sexual stimulation.
“The Ballerina’s shape has been designed to trigger all these pleasure points, making it a unique vulva massager.”, Cecile Gasnault, Marketing Manager for Smile Makers.


Pre-Sales In December With Feel Unique

The Ballerina will be available for pre-sales on FeelUnique starting December 20th and in January 2020 on SmileMakersCollection.com.

For more information, please contact cecile.gasnault@ramblinbrands.com

Download the full kit here!