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Women's Erotica

Based on real women's fantasies, erotic stories for women, by women.

How Men See Sex In 12 Quotes And 12 Drawings

In collaboration with artist Anne-Laure Herrezuelo and the Spark Fest Asia team , we have asked men to talk and draw about sex. What is their representation of female sexuality? What is their representation of male sexuality? How is it different? Or is it the same. Here’s a sneak peek in 12 drawings and 12 quotes!

After The Concert – The Story of a Sensual Visit Backstage

For her birthday, Clare’s boss gave her concert tickets. With backstage access. A gift that will keep on giving… Enjoy this erotic short story of a sensual celebration!

Rocking the Boat, A Sensual Short Story

Co-workers Rick and Bella decide to go on an afternoon trip to escape the frenzy and find themselves exploring a new kind of relationship. Go with them on a sensual trip with this erotic free story

The Beauty Of Touch By Frida Castelli

Italian artist Frida Castelli started publishing her works in 2016. Her sensual illustrations became very popular rapidly. The soft colours, the rounded shapes, and the loving tone of her style give her style a unique romantic atmosphere. Who said eroticism wasn’t about love?

Women Sexual Freedom Put In Colors with EroticWatercolor

Meet Noomi, the young Russian artist behind the account @EroticWatercor. In a year, she grew a base of 150K followers on Instagram by exploring women sexual freedom and bringing an empowered vision to female sexuality. Discover her inclusive interview!

Petite Boheme: Women’s Erotica and Feminism

Graduate from the School of Arts and Architecture of Paris, @petite_boheme is a French artist who develops a feminine and feminist women’s erotica with minimalistic and refined drawings. Her modern vision of female sexuality is an inspiring call for women to enjoy their bodies and sex lives freely. Discussion with the woman behind the art!

Women’s Erotica Is Taking Over Social Media

A natural part of life, right? So, why is such a big taboo pretty much anywhere we look? And in such a weird way! Sex is EVERYWHERE: in ads for perfume, for ice cream, even for coffee(!), in movies, in songs…

Women’s Erotica In The Words of Artist Tina Maria Elena

Half French, half Danish, Tina Maria Elena has developed a unique visual style to depict the delicate and sensual viewpoint of a woman on sexuality, self-love and love. Her textured and colourful watercolours convey a message of true empowerment to women, for them to express themselves sexually, freed from shame and stigma. Discussion women’s erotica rising star !

At The Movies – Women’s Erotica

I slipped out of my seat and ducked down the stairs that led to the bathroom in the small, retro cinema that I attended every week. It had been open for decades and usually showed some pretty interesting movies – in this case, an arthouse classic that seemed to be about forty percent writhing flesh and the sound of a man letting out those long, low growls of want. It had been a long time since I’d heard them. And it had turned me on more than I could handle.

The Best Erotic Artists on Instagram

Erotica for women is blooming on social. As she is building a better Internet for women with her platform Lips, Annie Brown has uncovered many talented sex-positive artists online and share with us her selection.

Do As I Say – An Erotic Story Of Female Empowerment

In this free erotic story, Chloe decides to explore one of her longstanding fantasy that she had never dared enacting: getting in the driver seat as a sensual dom, and feeling the thrill of total control.

The Business Trip – A Women’s Erotica Story

In this women’s erotica short tale, Olivia’s business trip takes an interesting turn when her encounter with two gentlemen puts her at the center of their sensual attention.

Choose the Right Vibrator For You!

Our collection of elegant sex toys for women offers various experiences. Not sure how to choose your vibrator? Take our quiz to find the best fit for you.

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Silent vibrators by Smile Makers
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