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Sexual Empowerment

Reads to unapologetically create the sex life you want

Sexual Empowerment

Reads to unapologetically create the sex life you want

January 21, 2021

Top 5 TED Talks About Sexuality

Welcome to our ed talk... Here at Smile Makers we are always on the look-out for people and spaces that are breaking norms around female sexuality, just like us!
December 2, 2020

A Guide To Being Sex Positive

This year, we collaborated with Instagram illustrator Pink Bits to bring monthly doses of sex positive art to our feed. From fantasies to periods, anal and equality; we covered a lot in 12 months. However, before we take a look back...
October 22, 2020

A Moment With…Singer-Songerwriter Iiola

Here at Smile Makers, our work-from-home Spotify playlists have been inspiring us through 2020. To get us in the mood to work, or to play, there's one song that we've had on repeat; Sensual by Iiola.
October 15, 2020

A Guide To Finding Female Erotica Online

The sensuality of erotica has never been more so available than it is today. In 2020, us vulva owners are owning our sexy imagination and embracing our erotic side to fire up our desire!
October 2, 2020

Breaking Free From Sexual Shame

Kaycee Polite, a registered sex therapist, unpacks sexual shame to help us unlock our pleasure potential and understand where the guilt we may feel stems from.
August 28, 2020

The Ever-Expanding Modern Relationship

As we continue to disband our assumptions about gender and life milestones (the school, career, house, family trope), for some this questioning has rippled into their relationships too. Increasingly people are questioning how necessary monogamy - to be romantically and sexually involved with one person at a time - is for them.
August 21, 2020

A Guide To Sexual Healing

Over lockdown, Smile Makers had the pleasure to run an online workshop with sexual healing coach Lisa Walsh.
July 31, 2020

Using Sex Expansiveness To Re-Write Your Own Script

A few weeks ago, Smile Makers ran an online workshop and invited licensed sex therapist Casey Tanner to discuss gender, sexuality and expansiveness.
December 17, 2021

How To Write Your Own Non-Binary Sexual Script

Our sexual script should be ours, and only ours. We should get to choose how we write it, who the lead characters are (*cough* you *cough*) and have it serve our pleasure and desires. We asked sexuality coach Christina Helou to share how we can start thinking about sex beyond the binary, and to celebrate our very own sexual narrative.
October 18, 2021

Coming Out: A Non-Linear Journey

Sexuality is personal to each and everyone of us, and nothing or nobody should deny us the right to discover our sexual selves and preferences. We asked sexologist Kassandra Mourikis to breakdown the pressure we feel to conform, and share ways in which we can support ourselves and each other in coming out
August 6, 2021

Expert Tips: How To Initiate Sex

Try these two techniques to help initiate sex with your partner! A sex coach shares why vulva owners should own initiating partner sex, and how to do it without fear of rejection or shame.
July 9, 2021

Sexual Poems and How To Write Them

Sex should be enchanting, intimate, spine-tingling - just like a good poem.
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