Solo Sex

Solo Sex

Female masturbation techniques for an erotic me-time.

Solo Sex

Female masturbation techniques for an erotic me-time.

April 22, 2019

Techniques to Use With Your Internal Vibrator

Toys for women are simply tools to unlock the wonders of the female orgasm. But without technique, they remain just that: tools. So this, week, we share anatomy-based and educated techniques for internal vibrator fun!
March 21, 2019

The Truth About Female Masturbation

In a society where sex, nudity and desire have become commonly talked about and displayed, masturbation, and specifically, female masturbation, still stands as a taboo.
March 15, 2019
Why Tongue Vibrators Deserve Your Attention_thumbnail

Why Tongue Vibrators Deserve Your Attention

If you ever visited the erotic museum in Paris, you may have seen a sex chair where rotating “tongues” were fitted at the crotch area. Aside from this kind of sentiment, few attempts have been made to produce an oral sex simulator with any whiff of elegance or even pleasure in mind!
February 13, 2019

The Surprising Ways to Use Internal Vibrators

Vaginal vibrators, G-spot vibrators, dual stimulation vibrators… When we think about vibrators, the first thing that pops to mind are vibrators for internal stimulation. Not a big surprise in our phallic-centric sex culture. But today, we want to go beyond the cliché and share with you a more educated outlook in the exciting world of internal vibrators.
January 11, 2019
A Woman’s Guide To Clitoral Vibrators_thumbnail

A Woman’s Guide To Clitoral Vibrators

Sex toys companies are taking the clitoris seriously, and offering a wide range of option for its delight. To help you navigate your options, we have wrapped up for you a little guide to clitoral vibrators.
October 18, 2018

4 Moments Of The Day For A Vibrator-Powered Break

Vibrators for women are always pleasurable toys, but sometimes, they can serve an even greater purpose. Here are 4 optimal moments to use your vibrator and reap the benefits of some solo fun.
March 29, 2018

Masturbation Using Vibrators: Tips To Explore Yourself!

The more a woman knows her body, the easier it will be for her to reach climax. What seems like a mundane act so common in movies is actually not so easily attainable for every woman in reality. Many women are not even aware of what they like or don’t like in the bedroom! Sexual pleasure for women actually requires some exploration, and vibrators for women are a good travel companion!
February 1, 2018

Clitoral Or Vaginal Orgasm: Is There Really A Difference?

Vaginal stimulation, clitoral play, labia sensitivity…. as we design our vibrators for women,we stay up-to-date with the latest research on female anatomy and pleasure by working with the medical community. Sensual toys are great tools to explore one’s body, but having access to reliable knowledge about sex and anatomy is key to unlock one’s pleasure potential. That’s why we invite sexologists on our blog. This week, we talk clitoral vs vaginal orgasm: what’s the real deal?
August 14, 2020
Real-Life Accounts Of Masturbation Routines

Real-Life Accounts Of Masturbation Routines

Have you ever considered how your masturbation sessions fit into your wider self-love routine? After all, our sexual wellbeing is just as important as our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, least because it can positively contribute to all three.
August 7, 2020
People Tell The Story Of Their First Vibrator_thumbnail

Our First Vibrator – Stories From Our Community

We never forget our first love, but we seldom take time to reminisce about our first vibrator. To kick off the Summer of Self-Love, we asked our community to share their stories on how they got their beginner buzz!
May 21, 2020
How To Use A Vibrator For First Time - Exclusive Step-by-Step Guide from Smile Makers

How To Use A Vibrator For The First Time

Using a vibrator for the first time may feel intimidating. We share all you need to know in our beginner’s guide.
April 17, 2020
First Time Masturbating Testimonies

How Was Your First Time Masturbating?

We've asked our community about their first experience with masturbation. How old were they? How did it happen? We were in for some surprises!

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