Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Exploratory reads on female sexuality, from our anatomy to life events.

Advice About Sex To Your Younger Self

Working with artist community builder Anne-Laure Herrezuelo and Spark founder Erin Chen, we’ve asked women and men to draw their vision of sexuality.

Menopause And Sex Life: A New Beginning!

As we work with the medical community to create intimate products for women, we have in mind that our sexuality evolves over the course of our lives.

Sex Education To Change The World

At Smile Makers, we strive on a daily basis to normalize the perception of female sexuality. That means working with renowned designers to create beautiful products with the same level of demand as for any other premium consumer goods.

The Female Libido Decoded

What Exactly Is Libido? Put simply, your libido is your desire for sex or any sexual activity.

4 Self-Love Ideas For An Original Valentine’s Day

Flowers and chocolate are always a good idea, and we will NEVER tell otherwise! But once the chocolates are eaten and the flowers have blossomed, we would like to keep the love (and self-love!) vibe alive a bit longer!

Why It Matters To Know More About The Woman Body

The woman body still holds many mysteries… Most of our genitals are hidden, our pleasure mechanism remain quite puzzling and varies greatly from one women to the other…

Women’s Health: Tips to a Good Intimate Hygiene

Women’s intimate parts are more sensitive to infections. The skin is more delicate, it gets exposed to more bacteria, and it is by nature warm and humid, the ideal mold for bacteria to proliferate.

4 Reasons To Use Lube During Your Periods

What if we decided to make our periods a much more pleasant and fun time? We know of an unsuspected ally to cushion up and take care of ourselves when Aunt Flow is in town.

How Sexual Wellness Became A Global Movement

As a sexual wellness brand that never sells in sex shops, we know first-hand how broaching the topic of female sexuality can be met with shock, awe, discomfort and confusion.

What You Should Know About Female Sexual Dysfunction

Maybe sex is painful for you. Or maybe you used to have a high libido and now you barely want to have sex with your partner and you don’t know what has gone wrong?

Why We Need To Rethink Sex Education

According to Debby Herbenick, professor at the Indiana University School of Public Health, good sex for women is the absence of pain, not the occurrence of pleasure. The scale we use to evaluate our sexual experience is telling.

Women’s Intimate Fluids: There Are 4 Different Types!

Developing intimate lubricants for women, we researched the physiological mechanisms at play in women’s lubrication during sex.

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