Another Kind Of Breakfast In Bed – An Erotic Story

Revisit the joys of breakfast in bed with this erotic story!

Revisit the joys of breakfast in bed with this erotic story!

Marriage doesn’t get boring when you turn routine moments into sensual surprises! In this erotic story, Sylvia and her husband decide to upgrade their breakfast in bed!

Two and a half years married and undoubtedly, we’re still in the honeymoon phase, as they call it – constantly all over each other and definitely head over heels in love. We do not plan on having a child for the next five or so years. For now, we simply want to be together all the time and do kinky stuff to each other.

I love the sexual freedom that comes with marriage. There’s this certainty about it that lets us be carefree and wild as much as we wish to be. I guess I got lucky that my husband is as infinite as I am.

Our ideas of pleasure are endless, and we both are willing to try anything at least once.

Despite seeming daring and adventurous, it’s actually our sexual rendezvous at home that I personally enjoy most. You know, the passionate, lingering ones, the ones with endless cuddles and soft kisses in between. He knows exactly what titillates me and he does everything with so much love and lust combined.

He sure is aware of how much pleasure I get from my breasts. To be honest, they’re probably my favorite body part – they are perky and sit nicely on my chest, possibly because of the many chest workouts I do.

My nipples are almost always hard, and they seem to glisten in their delicate cherry color.

I love my husband’s hands on my breasts. For his physique, they are surprisingly soft and gentle. He enjoys fondling them at random times, sometimes while we’re watching TV, while he waits for the red light when driving, or even while we’re out in the movies or the beach. I like his playfulness. He really does know my sweet spot.

This morning, he woke up earlier than usual and brought me avocado toast and some tea for breakfast in bed. He usually does this, especially on weekends. He kissed me gently on the lips while he put the bed tray on my lap. “Good morning, honey.”

We ate our breakfast while still on our jammies, and as I finished my tea, he sat behind me and hugged me around my waist. I looked at him and gave him a peck on the cheek. I put my teacup down, faced him, and gave him a deep kiss on his lips while I ran my hands all over his torso.

Things escalated quickly, and he started unbuttoning my silk nightie.

He kissed me on my ear while whispering things that I seriously could no longer comprehend as the tickles already consumed my sensations. He went down to kiss my neck and my body arched in response. My nipples slowly swelled up as his lips and tongue brought quivers all over me.

He continued kissing my neck then slowly went down to my chest. He teased me by running his tongue on every inch of my breasts yet constantly missing my nipples. The more he did this, the more I craved.

Frenchman - Vibrating tongue

As he saw me begging, he finally let his lips touch my nipples. It was heaven, and it felt so incredibly good. He alternately kissed them with so much fervor. The leaking fluids between my legs started soaking our sheets. My body trembled as he pleasured me.

His lips went up to mine. He kissed me so intensely while his hands cupped my breasts. His touch was so tender; it sent shivers all over me.

He started squeezing one after the other, running his fingers through the outline of my nipples.

He rolled my already swollen nipples onto the pads of his fingers. This tickled me so much I felt my clitoris throbbing.

He continued fondling my breasts lustfully, alternating his touches from soft to firm, from gentle to rough. The sensation overpowered my whole being; I started feeling uncontrollable tingles on my privates. I begged for more as I felt my frenzy already nearing.

He groped my twin peaks fervidly as he worked his tongue on my neck and ear.

The tingles got the best of me, and my body started vibrating in the most beautiful way.

Suddenly my love juice came oozing out of my honey pot. My knees buckled, and my toes rippled in pleasure.

That was intense, and it wasn’t the first time he had done it – made me cum just by focusing on my breasts. He knew exactly what to do with them to delight my senses. As my legs’ shaking slowed down, he hugged me with his muscular arms and kissed me on my forehead. I gave out a big sigh and drowned into his embrace.


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