Rocking the Boat, A Sensual Short Story

The erotic tale of a sensual escape

The erotic tale of a sensual escape

Co-workers Rick and Bella decide to go on an afternoon trip to escape the frenzy and find themselves exploring a new kind of relationship. Go with them on a sensual trip with this erotic free story

The weather was warm and sunny, so Rick sent Bella a text message reminding her they had a date. They had planned to go on a boat ride, but somehow, they were always too busy or the weather never friendly enough.

“Rick! It’s you!” Bella called out when she saw Rick waving to her from his boat. She has worn her sexiest two-piece bathing suit, hoping to show off her ample bosom and generous hips. She knew everyone in the office thought she was hot, and Rick always seemed immune to this office chatter, but they’d started up a friendship nonetheless.

Rick smiled at her when she made her way to the boat and climbed aboard. The sun felt comforting on her back and shoulders as Rick drove out into the sunshine.

“Beautiful day, right?” Rick asked, adjusting his dark sunglasses.

Bella smiled and nodded.

They had gone far enough that they no longer passed any other boats, so Bella untied her bikini top and stretched out on a towel spread out on the floor. The sun kissed her bare skin and brought a smile to her face. Her breasts bounced softly as the boat moved. She closed her eyes and inhaled.

She smiled when she felt large hands covering her breasts, rubbing her nipples.

“Rick,” she moaned his name softly. Rick pulled her forward, brushing her lips against his. He smelled like Old Spice.

“Oh,” she moaned when he buried his face in her neck. Rick lowered his mouth to her beautiful breasts. Bella’s pink nipples begged for his touch, swelling and filling his palm when he obliged. He flicked his tongue over a nipple and she gave a startled cry, clamping her legs together to quell the fire starting in her core.

vibrator for vulva with clit stimulatorBella held his head and kept it to her chest as he sucked and kissed and caressed her breasts. His hand moved down her body and slipped under the elastic of her bathing suit to cup her pert cheeks and squeeze the supple flesh. He pulled down the bikini until she lay exposed and hot for him.

“I’ve wanted you for the longest time, Bella.”

The hunger burned fierily in his eyes. She reached up and pulled down his short, and his hardness sprang out proud and free.

She rose and knelt before his majestic erection, tugging and pulling, her nails gently scratching his thick length.

She took him in her mouth and felt his length hit the back of her throat. He began to stroke her mouth, groaning as her tongue worked his hot shaft.

Then he could not take the torture anymore. He sank down beside her and pulled her on the towel with him. He positioned his erection at her hot entrance and stroked her. He bent over her wetness and sucked her hot center as she cried out, her juices glistening his sexy lips. Bella arched her back, threw back her head and rose to meet his ravaging tongue and lips.

He slid into her in one sleek thrust and she shook with pleasure.

“You’re so big,” she moaned. “I like the way you fill me up.”

Rick started a lazy rhythmic, pumping Bella as she writhed under him.

It was the way he filled and stretched her, the way he took his time to thrust into her until he was completely buried in her molten heat before pulling out and repeating the plunge. Then his thrusts picked up speed and he went wild, pumping harder now that he felt the first shudder of climax rocking Bella’s body.

She dug her nail into his back as she opened herself wider to him, trying to take him deeper than physically possible. He cupped her breasts and pounded her hard and fast. The wave was close now, so she cried out as she came a second time. There was no stopping Rick now. He swelled inside her as he thrust away.  He was close to following her over the edge. He turned her body so that her swollen clitoris brushed against his hardness. The contact drove him mad.

He bucked against her as the waves also overcame him, and he collapsed on her chest, spent.

Later, he took her hand and whispered something in her ear.

“Yes,” Bella smiled her response. “I’ll go to dinner with you on Saturday.”


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