The Christmas Party – A Tale Of Women’s Erotica

Indiscretions with a colleague

Indiscretions with a colleague

In this women’s erotica short story, Gwen and Ben have been co-workers for a few weeks now. The attraction between them is undeniable. At the company’s Christmas party, the discreetly trade amuse-bouche and champagne for another kind of treat…

I was so excited to meet Ben at our office Christmas party. It was being held at one of the fancy-schmancy hotel ballrooms downtown. The dress I had picked out was out of this world – short and sequin, and we had been sexting all afternoon, so my libido was in overdrive. I couldn’t wait for him to see me.

He had started at my company a few months back and we immediately clicked. We had gotten together for drinks the day after Thanksgiving and ended up in bed together. I can quite honestly say it’s the best sex I’ve ever had, and we’ve been hooking up on a regular basis ever since.

As I stepped out of my Uber, I immediately started scanning the front of the hotel to see if I could spot him anywhere. No sign of him yet. I walked into the lobby and saw signs indicating that our party was straight ahead in Ballroom number one. I could hear loud music coming from behind the doors, and excitedly went in.

The room was decked out with Christmas lights and fake snow. It was a literal Winter Wonderland. As I peered around the room, I suddenly felt a hand on the small of my back, and quickly turned around.

“Ben!” I squealed.

“Hey Babe!” he shouted over the music with a huge grin on his face. “Wow. You look stunning.”

He immediately took my hand in his, and we walked over to the bar to grab cocktails. After attempting to make chit-chat through the noise, Ben leaned in and loudly whispered into my ear:

“I have a surprise for you.”

We sat our drinks down on the table and he led me out of the ballroom. My heart was racing.

“What in the world did he have planned?” I thought to myself.

We walked down the hall to the hotel elevators. When the doors opened we stepped in and he pushed “4”.  He squeezed and caressed my hand as we waited for the doors to open again.

Down the hall we went, until he stopped in front of Room 403, pulling a room key out of his pocket.

He opened the door and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Christmas lights and fake snow. He had turned the room into a mini replica of the party downstairs! It was breathtaking.

“Ben, this is…amazing.” I said in awe.

He picked me up in his strong arms and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Ben was almost twice my height, which made me feel so safe. He carried me over to the bed and gently laid me down the on the faux snow covered blanket.

Keeping his fingers intertwined with mine, he gently placed my hands above my head. It was incredibly hot. I stared into his deep brown eyes and waited for him to kiss me, but instead he started gliding my hands down to my sides, and then up again above my head, over and over. It was obvious that he noticed the confused look on my face, because he burst into laughter.

“Snow angels!” he shouted, quite proud of himself.

I cracked up.

“So are so silly – and so romantic.” I giggled. This man was something else.

He let go of my hands and finally kissed me, long and hard on the mouth. His left hand softly cupped my face, and his right hand explored the back of my dress looking for the zipper.

I slipped out of the dress and laid naked on the bed in front of him. He quickly disrobed as well and reached for a silver box that was sitting on the night stand. He sat it next to us and opened the lid to reveal a wide selection of body oils and lubes.

“Pick your pleasure.” he said with a smirk.

After a quick glance at the bottles, I pointed to the one called “Gingerbread Delight”, sticking with the Christmas theme.

He unscrewed the lid and began dripping the cold oil across my bare chest. It gave me goose bumps. He started massaging my breasts, making sure to give extra attention to my pebbled up nipples. Slowly, he worked his way down my stomach, but when he got to my crotch he put the bottle down, and spread my legs wide.

“We won’t be needing any oil down here. It already tastes delicious.” he said, plunging his tongue in deep. I swooned with pleasure.

He ran his hands up and down the outside of my thighs as he buried his face between my legs. He took his time, carefully sucking and licking every inch of every fold. I wriggled with excitement, letting out tiny gasps and sighs as he worked.

After what seemed like an eternity, I grabbed his face, breaking the spell.  I wasn’t ready to climax just yet.

I pulled myself away from him and told him to lay down. I loved how balanced our play was. Sometimes he took charge, sometimes I did – and it was always fun.

I climbed on top of him and took his erection in my hand. I gave it a few firm pumps, and then slid it inside of me. Placing my hands on his chest to steady myself I began popping up and down with vigor, taking him in as deep as I could.

“Damn, Babe. You feel so good.” he moaned, fondling my breasts as I bounced.

His hands then moved down and firmly grabbed onto my hips, so that he could thrust harder. All you could hear was our laps smacking together and heaving breathing.

Once I was dizzy with arousal, I hopped up and turned around. I wanted him to take charge again. I faced away from him on my hands and knees.

“You know what I want.” I said trying to catch my breath.

He eagerly and obediently got up and positioned himself behind me, delicately easing his way inside my rear. I always liked to finish with anal.

As he gently went in and out, I furiously circled my clitoris with my fingers. Within seconds I was on the brink of orgasm. I could feel him swelling inside of me, signaling that he was too.

My legs started to quiver.

“Go for it Baby.” Ben said, picking up on my body’s cues and slightly picking up the pace.

I cried out in pleasure as I felt him filling my behind. He throbbed inside of me, holding onto me tightly, and I intensely jerked with delight.

After a few glorious moments, our orgasms subsided and we both collapsed onto the bed.

“I don’t know whether to put you on the ‘Nice’ list or ‘Naughty’ list” I said to him, beaming with afterglow.

“There’s nothing wrong with being both.” Ben smirked, kissing me on the forehead.

“Agreed.” I smiled.