The Fireman – Erotic Story Of Neighbour Encounter

Things heat up between Leila and her fireman neighbour in this sensual short story

Things heat up between Leila and her fireman neighbour in this sensual short story

In this erotic Christmas tale, Leila realises that her neighbour works as a fireman. Drinks and chatting spark a flame between them and Leila finds herself consumed by a fire within as he embarks on endless clitoral play!

On December 1, Leila got ready to go out and buy a Christmas tree. Then she flipped her calendar from November to December and got the surprise of her life. Mr. December was her neighbour! She had bought the calendar because all the proceeds from the sales were going to charity. Before now she hadn’t known that her neighbour was a fireman, just that he was gorgeous and he always smiled at her whenever they met in the stairwell. In the picture, he was wearing his uniform and a smile that caused Leila’s heart to skip.

The twelve men in the calendar had all volunteered to model. There were doctors, policemen, engineers, and even the cashier at their local mall. But none of these people were as good-looking as Mr. December, her neighbor. His real name was Dylan.

She remembered he’d introduced himself the first time they ran into each other outside the apartment.

She stepped away from the calendar and went out to buy a Christmas tree. When she returned, she found Dylan outside the apartment. He was about to go inside when he saw her trying to remove the huge Christmas tree from the trunk of her car. He dashed over to her side and helped her remove it.

“Beautiful tree,” he said, flashing his signature smile at her. “I see you’ve already begun decorating.”

“I have!” Leila replied. “Can’t say I’m too early. Some people already put out their decorations since October.”

“I think people who start their Christmas decorations in October are a little too eager for Christmas.”

They both laughed as they went up the stairs, him carrying the tree like it was only just a feather, she trailing after him and trying not to stare at his beautiful rear. She opened up when they got to her door, and he went in after her and dropped the tree by the window.

“Thanks for your help,” she said. “Can I repay you with a glass of wine?”

“Sure,” he replied. “Really nice place you have here.”


She poured two glasses of wine and handed one to him.

“Never knew you were a fireman,” Leila said. “I was pleasantly surprised to see you in the calendar today.” She pointed at the calendar on the wall, smiling when he started to blush.

“I did it for a good cause,” he said, draining his glass. “Now everyone’s seen it and my phone has been ringing nonstop.”

“Ha, your side modelling career is bringing a lot of attention from the opposite sex!”

“Who says it’s only the opposite sex?” he said with a wink. “But the admiration isn’t coming from the people I really like. Yet.”

“Ha. Care to share the people you want to be admired by?”



“Yes, I’ve admired you ever since you moved into this building. I just never saw an opening to get closer to you. I guess I’m using this chance to tell you how much I want you.”

“The feeling is mutual, Dylan. I’ve been admiring you, too.”

He dropped his wineglass on a table and went to her, then he took her own glass and set it on the floor. He kissed her face, her neck, behind her ears.

“I’m happy I agreed to do that calendar.” He whispered, his hot breath stirring her desires awake.

“And I’m happy that the Christmas tree is heavy and that you offered to help me up to my apartment.”

He chuckled as they leaned in for the kiss. It was hot and wet, and soon, they were feverish with need.

He pulled up her sweater and unbuckled her jeans. She stepped aside briefly to wiggle out of her remaining clothes. She slipped out of her underwear and stood before him totally naked.

He pressed her against the wall caressed her body. Then his fingers moved down and found her hot, wet, and ready for his touch. His middle finger touched her clitoris and sent a jolt of lightening up her body. Her legs shook under her. His fingers began a slow torture on her clitoris, spurred on by her moans. He kept his hand firmly pressed against her vulva as the one, sweet finger continued to assault her senses. Then she began to move her waist in time to his strokes. He licked her ear as his finger worked her, listening to her delightful little whimpers as he worked her engorged clitoris.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered in her ear. Then he increased his tempo when he sensed her climax building. He rubbed her faster and faster now, until her legs gave out from under her and she collapsed in his arms. He kept his palm heel pressed against her sex to max out her ecstasy and keep her turned on.

“That was intense!” she said.

“Yeah?” he replied. “We haven’t even started yet.”

He resumed stroking her clitoris, which was now slicker and even larger. He kissed her soft lips as his finger picked up speed. She began to gyrate her waist as he rubbed her nub. His touch was feather-light but fast, and from the rapturous look on her face, he knew that she was enjoying every second. He switched methods and rubbed her with his whole palm. She whimpered and pressed down on his hand, trying to follow his rhythm.

She came again, even harder than the first time. He caught her when her whole body sagged and she collapsed on him.

“Christmas has begun on a great note!” he said.

“I know,” she said, smiling up at him. “I’m looking forward to having the best Christmas of my life.”


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