A Fun Walk – An Erotic Story In The Wild

Women erotica, created out of a real woman's fantasy

Women erotica, created out of a real woman's fantasy

Laura’s work-out routine in nature takes an interesting turn when she develops an irresistible attraction to another hiker walking her favourite trail. With this erotic short story, follow her in an unexpected moment of pure sensuality in the wild…

Four days ago, Laura’s daily walk suddenly became exciting. She had hit the trail to walk her daily five miles and had bumped into him. They’d exchanged effusive apologies before he disclosed that he had just moved to the house across from Laura’s and that he liked to walk to de-stress. The next day Laura went to the trail, and, for the first time, it wasn’t all for health reasons.

Yesterday he had taken her hand and ran his thumb across her palm. Laura had felt an instant fire in her core. She had stayed awake all night thinking about how he’d kissed her when he walked her to her door after the stroll. Now she was back on the trail hoping he’d show up.

Laura’s back stiffened when she smelled his cologne and heard his footsteps.

“Beautiful trail, isn’t it?” he said.

Laura turned and smiled.

“That’s one of the reasons you moved here, no?”

“Yes, it is. But I’m staying for entirely different reasons,” he said, undressing Laura with his brown eyes.

They stood there staring at each other, and suddenly, Laura leaned in for a repeat of last night’s kiss like he had a magnet that drew her in. His mouth devoured hers while his hands snuck under her t-shirt to stroke her nipples through the thin fabric of her bra.

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Laura groaned and pressed harder against him.

His unhooked the front clasp of her bra under the t-shirt and her breasts escaped into his warm hands. He trailed wet kisses from the corner of her mouth, down the side of her neck and down to her collarbone while still kneading her full breasts. Laura thought she’d die from all that pleasure.

She reached down and massaged his hardness through his trousers. His growl was a low warning that caused a molten liquid to gather between Laura’s legs.

“We are on the trail and bikers and runners could come around. Are you sure?” he asked, his brown eyes glowing like embers.

Laura nodded and led him to a stone bench half-hidden behind a cluster of trees.

She pushed him down on the bench and straddled him.

He pulled her t-shirt over her head to completely free her beautiful breasts. His mouth was hot and wet as he sucked one nipple while rubbing his thumb across her other nipple. Laura grinded her bottom on his hardness, drawing a groan from him.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said, pulling down Laura’s yoga pants.

He worked his fly and pulled down his pants just enough to free his turgid erection. He was all steel and veins. And very hard.

Laura sank to her knees and swallowed his length in her hot, wet mouth. She rubbed him with her saliva and stroked him with her hands and her tongue. She felt him at the back of her throat when he began to stroke her mouth. Then he pulled out suddenly.

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She stood up and straddled him again. She gasped when he hooked the crotch of her panties to the side and plunged into her tight wetness. When he had fully impaled her, she bounced on him, grinding to the music that shook her soul. She pushed her nipple into his mouth and he took the other between his thumb, as if on cue. The sensations came from everywhere.

Laura liked being on top and in control of the tempo. From the way he closed his eyes while thrusting up at her, she knew he liked it.

She stood up from him and felt instantly empty. She pulled him up and positioned him behind her.

“You want me to take you from behind?” he asked.

Laura nodded as she pulled down her thong.

She bent over and held the bench for support. To make sure he got to the deepest parts of her body, she hitched one leg on the bench and planted the other on the ground.

His entrance thrust was slick and fast. He held her waist and rode her.

He filled and stretched her out. He reached down with one hand to fondle her clit as he thrust from behind.

Laura felt the wave of pleasure coming and let out a low cry.

His tempo increased when he felt the first vibrations rocking her body.

Then he pumped one last time and joined her over the edge.

Later, they righted themselves and went on a walk hand I hand with a satisfied smile on both their faces.


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