The Library – An Erotic Story of Late Night Studies

An erotic story based on real women's fantasy

An erotic story based on real women's fantasy

The pressure of looming exams, late night studies, an empty library and an attractive young man… The perfect setting for an erotic story between bookshelves and notepads!

Claire removed her glasses and rubbed the bridge of her nose. For the past two weeks, she was usually the first in the library and she stayed there till the librarian informed her that it was time to close. With exams around the corner, all the hard work she put in was necessary if she wanted to maintain her excellent grades and graduate top of her class.

She looked around the empty hall and sighed. She wasn’t the only person who virtually lived in the library now that exams were just days away, Justin – she’d only learned his name last night when he came up to her and said hello as the library doors were being locked – had also put in even as much work as Claire. They were always the first to arrive and the last to leave.

She was so used to seeing him reading across from her on the other side of the library that his absence left her a bit unsettled.

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Or maybe it was a little more than his absence. She admitted to herself that her pulse had raced last night when he had said hello and introduced himself. And before then, Claire would feel herself get wet whenever she looked up from her books to find him looking at her from his position across the hall. When he shook her hand last night, she noticed that his hands were soft, and she had stopped herself because she imagined those hands on her thighs, rolling off her panties, inside her…

She shrugged off her errant thoughts and tried to focus on the book in front of her. She was the only person in the library this late. She looked up when she felt a presence in front of her. It was Justin. Claire hoped that the surprise and excitement she felt wasn’t visible in her eyes.

“Hi,” she said, shaking the hand he offered her.

His blue eyes were on her as she held on to his hand a little longer than necessary.

“I decided not to sit at my usual spot today,” he said, smiling and pulling out the seat next to Claire. “The distraction got a little too hard to manage so I went to a different section of the library to get away from it all.”

Claire felt naked suddenly, like his eyes, which traveled the length of her body, could peel off every last piece of clothing she wore.

“Distraction?” she asked, jealous of whatever it was that stole this gorgeous guy’s attention.

“I lose my train of thought whenever I look up and our eyes lock,” he said. “Who can blame me, really? You’re the most beautiful woman on this campus.”

Claire closed the book in front of her and exhaled. She was relieved that she wasn’t the only one who felt the palpable attraction. She wondered if he knew that he oozed raw sex, that she wanted to kiss him and stroke him till he begged her to stop.

“You look all tensed up,” he said as he stood to his feet to take up position behind Claire. “Here, let me massage some of the tension away.”

Claire had to stifle a moan that threatened to escape. His hands on her bare neck triggered goosebumps that ran the length of her body. He kneaded and pulled at her muscles till Claire thought she would start purring.

“Like that, uh?” he said.

“Very much.”

Then his hands slipped past her neckline to find the soft swell of her breasts. Claire felt his hesitation, like he was waiting for her to protest, but she leaned into his hands and closed her eyes.

He pushed the cups of her bra and freed her breasts. Her eager nipples perked up as he tweaked and pulled at them.

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Claire opened her eyes when he unbuttoned her blouse to gain more access. He didn’t pull it off her, but he got on his knees and flicked his tongue around a nipple, then the other. She held his head to her body. After all the stress of preparing for exams, she needed the sweet release Justin offered her.

When Justin’s hand slid up her thigh, she was thankful that she had chosen to wear a skirt.

He pulled her panties to the side and caressed her clitoris with a thumb, and Claire thought she might explode from the jolt of electricity that coursed her whole body. He inserted three fingers into Claire’s hot middle while his thumb stayed on her clit and drove her mad.

It was then she reached down and unbuckled his jeans to set his huge, throbbing member free. He was warm in Claire’s hand as she caressed his whole length. His breathing quickened to match hers. She was disappointed when he stopped and pulled out his fingers from her wet heat, but it was only to lift Claire off the chair to place her on the table.

He pulled of her panties and spread her out like a buffet, then he bent his face to center and sucked on her clitoris.

She locked her legs around his neck as he tortured her with his tongue.

She ground herself against his face when the first waves of orgasm rocked her. She was breathless when she recovered from. He stood up from her, smiling like he was pleased with himself. He was still rock hard.

Claire got on her knees and took him in her mouth. He moaned so loud Claire was sure the librarian would catch them in the act. She held his waist and encouraged him to thrust in and out of her mouth because she liked the fact that he filled her up to her throat.

“I can’t hold it in anymore,” he moaned and pulled himself out.

Justin helped Claire up to her feet and bent her over the table and entered her from behind in one clean thrust. Claire was sure she had never been this stretched but it helped that she was also dripping wet. His thrusts were measured at first, but he picked up speed until they were both panting. He reached under her and stroked her clitoris while still buried deep in her and going at full speed.

They were both breathing hard as they neared climax, but she went off the edge before him. His body shook with release when he came and he collapsed on top of Claire’s back, relieved. They sprang to attention and righted their clothes when they heard approaching footsteps. It was the librarian telling them it was time to lock up.

She allowed him to take her hand as they descended the steps of the library.

“Care for a nightcap at my place?” he asked her.

Claire smiled and nodded her head yes because she knew they’d get around to the drinks after pleasuring each other all over again.


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