The Millionaire – A Luxurious Erotic Tale

A sensual short story of luxurious escapade

A sensual short story of luxurious escapade

In this erotic short story, Julie experiences a wealth of sensual delights as she meets with millionaire author of her favourite books. 

Julie adjusted her notepad when Mike Scott got on the podium to start the Q&A session. He was even more beautiful in person. Mike was a bestselling novelist, and he was in her city to promote his new book, which had already climbed to the top of all the bestseller lists. Julie wrote down all the points he raised about writing and publishing, trying hard not to stare too long at his well-chiseled jaw and his soft ruby lips. A writer herself, Julie had been eager to attend the event and meet Mike Scott. For a literary superstar whose books were all made into Hollywood blockbuster movies, Mike Scott was humble and gracious. He didn’t seem like he took himself too seriously.

Julie got some snacks and drinks after the Q&A session. She wove through the crowd of people mingling and engaging in small talk. Mike stood with a popular literary agent, deep in conversation in a corner. Julie worked her way through the throngs of bodies in the hall. She wanted her turn with Mike, and she was willing to wait for his current conversation to end.

Just then, he looked up mid-laugh and spotted her. His brown eyes met and held her green ones. Time seemed to stop as he bent towards his companion and dismissed the man with a smile and a gentle pat on the back. Julie’s breath caught. He was walking towards her, his eyes still locked on her face.

He offered his manicured hand, and she shook it, smiling at him.

“I’m Julie,” she said. “Julie Simms.”

“I know who you are,” he said, squeezing her hand gently. “I’ve read all your books.”

She was flustered that Mike Scott was familiar with her work.  He looked and smelled beautiful now that he was close. She tried to calm herself and act as though it was normal that they hadn’t broken the handshake; that his soft hand holding hers didn’t make her knees quiver. They stood there in the middle of the hall staring in each other’s eyes, oblivious of the people around them.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said. His voice was husky.

“You’re beautiful, too,” she said.

And then someone tapped him on the shoulder and broke the connection. His attention was needed elsewhere. They stood far apart with the large hall between them, but they only had eyes for each other. It felt they were shooting bolts of electricity between them. Someone cleared their throat behind Julie and handed her a note when she turned around to check. It was from Mike Scott. The note read: nightcap? She flipped the opposite side of the paper and it had his address, phone number, and the preferred time written in his neat handwriting. She looked up from reading it and nodded her assent to him from across the hall. Then she requested an Uber and went home to prepare for their date.

Julie got in her shower and thought of Mike Scott. She imagined that the stream from the shower head was actually his hands caressing her skin, that the steam enveloping her was the heat from his beautiful body. She dried off and found her sexiest lingerie, a fire-engine-red bra and matching thongs. Then she called an Uber and got to the address Mike gave her. It was a lovely cottage by the lake. The porch light was on and Mike was at the door, smiling at her as she made her way up the steps.

“Welcome,” he said when she reached him, then he enveloped her in a hug. Julie couldn’t help but notice that he smelled woodsy and clean. She wanted to bury her face in his neck and let the hug go on forever. Then she felt something hard moving against her belly. Was he already erect and hot for her as she was for him?

“Let me show you inside?” Mike said, smiling and taking her hand.

The interior of the house shocked her. While the façade of the house made it look like it was nothing but a lakeside cottage, the interior was gorgeous. The décor was minimalist and modern. There were three sofas placed cozily around the fireplace. He had a ceiling-to-floor glass bookcase brimming with his favorite titles.

“This is beautiful,” Julie said, accepting the glass of champagne he offered her.

“This is my childhood home. I stop by whenever I’m in town now that my parents are gone.” His dimples caught her by surprise. She wouldn’t have expected such a gentle feature from such a chiseled face. “But now this cottage takes on a whole new meaning now that I get to host one of my favorite writer here,” he said.

Julie blushed and drained her glass. The windows opened onto the lake, which glowed silver under the soft light of the moon.

“Thanks for inviting me over,” she said. “It is beautiful.”

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He took her hand and kissed her fingers, causing Julie’s legs to melt under her. Then he kissed up her arm and paused when he got to her shoulder. He nibbled on her ears, gently at first, then he sought her open mouth and kissed her with a hunger that made them both moan.

He broke the kiss, took her hand, and led her to the bedroom. His bed sat grandly in the middle of the room, and when she sank down on it, the beddings under her felt luxurious and soft enough to eat. He unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off. She unclasped her bra herself while he pulled down her skirt and her panties.

She was gloriously naked, and soon, so was he.

There was urgency in his eyes that excited her. Mark touched a finger to her clitoris and her whole body jolted awake. He kept his eyes on her face to eat up every reaction. He caressed her clitoris gently at first, but picked up speed when she started to buck against his hand. She was moaning and thrashing against his strokes, her eyes half-closed. And when the pleasure was too much, she came, loudly. There was a look of shock and horror on her face as the tremors shook her body.

He stood up and stripped his clothes slowly, his eyes still on her face. His erection sprang out turgid and proud. He positioned his throbbing penis at the opening of her wet entrance and plunged into her. The entrance was so delicious that she cried out in desire. Spurred on by her encouragement, he began to pleasure her with slow, languorous thrusts. He pulled out until he was almost out of her before plunging back in.

She rose up to meet his smooth strokes, spurring him to go even faster.

She could feel his throbbing length sliding in and out of her sleek wetness.

She spread her legs to take him even deeper, grinding into him to start a rhythm that had them both panting. Their breaths soared as he buried himself to the hilt inside her and then withdrew again only to slam back in. She closed her eyes and relished how he filled and stretched her. Now she wanted him to go even harder and faster.

His tempo ascended to a fevered pitch. He started pounding into her, hard and fast. Julie gasped when he reached down and caught her nipple in his mouth.

She gripped his steely erection tight with her muscles.

He groaned as she pulsed around him and met him thrust for thrust. Then they flew over the edge together, holding on to each other as they rode the waves.


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