The More, The Merrier – A Threesome Erotic Story

An erotic story of a friends' night out

An erotic story of a friends' night out

In this erotic story, Mike, Christina and Julia explore new ways to enjoy their time together…

It had started as a joke in a bar. Mike had challenged Christine and Julia, saying he’d buy the next round of drinks if the ladies kissed each other. Christine had leaned in almost immediately and had captured Julia’s lips in hers, and the other patrons of the bar had cheered them on.

They walked out of the bar with Christine’s mind still buzzing. She had kissed a girl and she had liked every second of it. She looked over at Julia and saw that the other woman also had a pleasant look on her face. Christine grabbed Julia and kissed her again in the dark parking lot and Mike cheered them on.

Julia got in the passenger seat and Mike drove. The plan was to drop Christine off at her place before stopping off at Julia’s to drop her off too. But when the car pulled to a stop in front of Christine’s flat, she found herself hesitating before making to open the door.

“Does your reluctance to leave the car mean that you want an encore?” Mike asked, smiling.

“Well, can you blame me? That was the hottest kiss of my life.”

“I have a crazy suggestion,” Mike said. “How about we all go up and you girls continue the kiss while I watch?”

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And just like that they were racing out of the car up to Christine’s flat. No sooner had the door shut behind them than the girls tore at each other’s clothes. Their hungry hands and mouth were everywhere: breasts, thighs. And then Julia pushed Christine onto the bed and went to work licking up the juices flowing from the junction of her legs. Christine moaned as Julia’s tongue stoked the fire raging inside her.

When Christine felt another tongue on her nipples, she opened her eyes to see Mike looming over her.

“I could no longer stand just watching,” Mike said, before reclaiming Christine’s nipple.

Down below, Julia inserted three fingers inside Christine and stroked like all their lives depended on it, and her tongue licked and laved at the nub between Christine’s thighs. Christine felt a pressure on her half-open mouth and opened her eyes to see Mike’s hardness rimming her lips.

“Take me in your mouth,” Mike said.

Christine opened her mouth and swallowed him whole. So, Mike loved Christine’s wet mouth with his throbbing rod while Julia fingered and licked her.

And the feelings were so intense Christine thought she’d pass out.

Then they all stopped and Christine snapped back into the present.

She sighed when she noticed they were only changing positions. Mike claimed Christine’s lower body while Julia switched over to Christine’s upper body. Christine was wet, but she felt Mike’s thrust as it plunged into her. His strokes were hot and fast. Christine was sure she couldn’t take all that pleasure when Julia poised herself over her and sat on her face. Christine licked Julia’s clit while Julia reached down and rubbed her nipples. Their entangled bodies formed a triangle: Christine was on her back, Julia sat on Christine’s face and rode it with her back arched and her eyes closed, Mike wrapped Christine’s legs around his waist and plunged his hardness into her repeatedly while also kissing Julia.

They climaxed together with writhing bodies and loud gasps.

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