My Morning Kiss To Him- An Erotic Story

The erotic story of Julia morning surprise to her husband...

The erotic story of Julia morning surprise to her husband...

Julia and David are newly weds, and Julia wants to make sure their first morning as a married couple will be one to remember! Discover the erotic story of her delicious surprise to him!

It was a beautiful Sunday morning; I woke up at ten minutes past seven. I glanced beside me, and there was a beautiful man sleeping. What happened the day before was still vivid — we got married. It was magical, just how I hoped it would be. When the party was over, and our guests had left, we spent the rest of the night cuddling in the Jacuzzi, talking about the day that was and the beginning of the rest of our lives together.

David was my boyfriend for two and a half years, and as of that morning, he was officially my husband. He had swept me off my feet since day one, and it was a no-brainer we ended up here. He had the most attractive face; his nose flawlessly sat on his oval-shaped face. His jawlines were sharp and delicate at the same time. His lips were juicy peach in color. I looked at him intently, asking myself how did I end up with this perfect being?

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I gave him a peck on the lips so gentle, so I wouldn’t bother his sleep. I ran my hands over his chest, and I followed his sternum leading to his abs. His abs were firm, and it went up and down as he breathed. As my hands moved over his toned torso, I found his crotch unbelievably tight. He wore a fitted cotton boxer briefs that hugged his manhood quite firmly.

His bulge was undeniable. I felt tingles all over my body as I looked.

I tried moving my hand further down over his lower abs, and then to his pubic area. He didn’t make a move, so I slowly pulled his underwear down. His erection came springing. I lovingly grabbed his hardness and started slowly moving my hand up and down.

As I stroked his shaft smoothly, I felt him adjust his hips a little towards me. Though he didn’t say a thing, I knew that was a sign of concession. It made me more excited. I moved closer to his member and breathed soft breezes to it as I stroked it. I went even closer until my mouth touched the head of his penis. The sensuality of the situation was over the roof. There I was, playing with my husband’s manhood as he slept on the first morning of our married life.

I slowly opened my mouth and licked his tip. His left knee jerked in pleasure.

I continued doing this as I glanced at his face from time to time. He was enjoying it. I then dropped my jaw wide and put his lengthy shaft into my mouth. He moaned silently while his hip jolted a little.

I started moving my head up and down to pleasure him more. My right hand caressed his balls while the other fondled his muscly torso. My mouth was filled with precum as I repeatedly played with his penis in my mouth. I licked his manhood from the bottom up and then worked my tongue in circles as I went to the very tip. I tightened and loosened my jaw alternately. He went wild with his moans and his body yanked in pure delight.

His hands gripped the sheets as I put the rest of his length deep into my throat. I gagged a little. I did it again, and he groaned in satisfaction. His face made various expressions of pleasure, which made him all the more attractive. He was certainly the most sensual being at that point.

My sucking gradually became faster, and I knew he would blow his load anytime.

Both his knees frantically quivered as he grabbed my hair as if guiding me with speed. I did as he wanted, his penis coming in and out of my mouth in such a rapid frequency. His moans became desperate. He begged me not to stop. I didn’t stop. I didn’t want to. After a few seconds, his body uncontrollably shook while his load burst inside my mouth, straight to my throat.

I gave him a quick glance as I licked the rest of his love juice on the corners of my mouth. He grabbed my shoulders and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips as we both dozed off to dreamland again.


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