The Multi-Orgasm Play Date – Vibrators Erotic Short Story

An erotica short story of girl fun and good vibes

An erotica short story of girl fun and good vibes

Nathalie and Kim have gone for an afternoon of shopping and come back with their favorite beauty accessories: vibrators. In this erotic short story, they decide to stay in and enjoy an evening of sensual play with their new toys…

“Mmm…” I purred, laying my head back against the pillow. Between my legs, the oral sex simulator was beginning to pick up the pace, teasing me, slippery against my oversensitized sex. I closed my eyes and wriggled, putting on a show for the woman watching me.

“Think I might have some competition?” She murmured, running her fingers along my arm.

Her touch, matched with the rolling pressure of the simulator between my legs, was already beginning to get me close.

And I knew that the trip we’d taken today had been the best idea I’d had in month.

When I had woken up that morning, I had been in the mood for something new – something different. I looked over at Natalie, asleep next to me, and trailed my fingers over that soft spot just below her navel to wake her up. Her eyes fluttered open, and I kissed her on the corner of the mouth.

“Good morning,” I murmured to her. “Get dressed. There’s somewhere we need to go.”

She had gone along with me at once, noticing that glint in my eyes and knowing that it meant good news for her. Hand in hand, we strolled through our city – metropolitan, young, the kind where nobody looked twice at a couple of lesbians holding hands in public – and headed to my favourite sex store. And yeah, I might have gone a little crazy.

Sensual products for pleasure

When we arrived home, we had tumbled straight into bed to test out our new purchases. Right now, I was grinding hungrily against the toy between my thighs – an oral sex simulator, which sent flushes of warm air over me, like an eager mouth going down on me. My head tipped back, I came for the first time, groaning as the pleasure flooded through my system. I cried out, and Natalie brushed her mouth over my cheek, reminding me of her presence.

“My turn?” She breathed in my ear, and she pressed something into my hand – once I had come back down to reality, I looked down to see a clitoral vibrator, a thin silver bullet, between my fingers.

“Your turn,” I agreed, and I pushed her down on to the bed and rolled on top of her, parting her legs with my hand and clicking the vibrator into action. I rolled it against her, finding her most sensitive spot, and watched with delight as her eyes rolled back into her head and she began to tremble from top to bottom with pleasure.

I clicked the clitoral vibrator up another notch – it had levels of intensity, and I wanted to see how much she could take before I could push her over the edge. It didn’t take long. Soon, her muscles were clenched and her mouth was opening and closing helplessly as she tried to give shape to the pleasure that was rising inside her. When she climaxed, her entire body shuddered, like she was trying to exorcise some unbearable pleasure from her system, overwhelming her, consuming her. I kissed her, slipping my tongue into her mouth and tasting her familiar sweetness, slowing the vibrator down a couple of touches but leaving it against her so that I could extend her sweet pleasure a while longer.

Once she had regained the power of speech, she turned to me, her eyes shining, and I knew precisely what she was thinking about.

“We have to try it,” she breathed, and she reached down the bed and grabbed the long purple toy that really was the centrepiece of this entire encounter. She had picked it out, a g-spot vibrator that was meant to work deep inside me. It was a magnificent beast, long and slim with two curved ends that sprang to life with the touch of a button.

I rolled down beside her, tossing the clitoral vibrator aside and shifting down beside her so I could face the woman I loved.

“You ready?” She asked, biting her lip, and I nodded, lifting my leg so she could slip it easily inside of me. I gasped as soon as I felt it enter; it was slick and strong and firm, and pressed directly against that bump inside me that seemed to unlock some new realm of pleasure every time I touched it.

“Ah!” I cried out, the sensation almost too much for a moment, but soon it mellowed out into the most intense rush I’d ever felt in my life. I could feel Natalie’s hot breath against my skin, her mouth occasionally brushing against mine as I lost myself to the pleasure. I reached for her, running my hand over her hip and up her waist, gripping her hair, feeling the thrill of it passing between both of us.

The pleasure seemed to flow from her body to mine and back again as I pushed down against the g-spot vibrator, the deep, rumbling roll moving up through my body until I couldn’t take anymore.

She kissed me as I came, and the feel of her mouth against mine exploded through me, the matched sensations rolling through my system.

Oral sex simulator

When we finally broke apart, she withdrew the toy from me and tossed it down on to the bed to catch her breath.

“Okay, your turn,” I murmured, and I reached to grab my personal favourite little toy – a vulvar vibrator, wide and flat and fitted to the palm of my hand. It buzzed low, lazy rumbles through my hand as I reached over to caress her with the toy.

“Mmm,” she groaned as I closed my palm over her sex, pushing her lightly on to her back so that I could touch her breasts as I played with her.

“How does it feel?” I murmured, nuzzling my nose into her ear. She smiled, a slight tension to her jaw that answered the question for me.

“It feels…amazing,” she replied. “I can feel it everywhere-”

I clicked it up to the next level, filling her body with a fresh rush of vibrations, and she groaned and closed her eyes and let me and this little vibrator take control.

I watched her intently as she pushed back against my hand, lifting her hips to move harder into the feeling, and moved my mouth over her neck, finding that sensitive spot behind her ear that I knew drove her crazy. Within moments, she had reached her release again, crying out so loud I was sure the neighbours would hear us. I withdrew, and once she had caught her breath, she turned to speak to me.

“That was…”

“Was?” I remarked, pushing myself up on my arm. “Why the past tense?”

“What do you mean?” She asked playfully, grinning at me.

“This isn’t exactly done yet, Natalie,” I replied, and I dived on top of her and kissed her hungrily, sliding my hand out on to the bed to find what I could to take her there again.


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