Oral Delights – An Erotic Story of Intimate Kissing

Sometimes, it's nice to be a little greedy.

Sometimes, it's nice to be a little greedy.

In this short story of female erotica, Sheila guides Tom to the best and longest session of French kissing…down there. A moment of true intimacy and mind-blowing pleasure. 

As Tom, my boyfriend, brushed his mouth over my collarbone, I wriggled on the bed and felt that familiar pulse between my legs. I needed more from him. I needed as much as he could give me. And I was going to take it.

We had been out at a fancy party just a few hours before, one hosted by Tom’s office, and we’d both indulged in probably a little too much of the free champagne. But the tipsiness felt like it had unlocked something inside me, something freeing – something that needed to come and was ravenous to feel him take me there.

“Go down on me,” I breathed in his ear, and he pulled back and smiled; his eyes were soft and eager.

I knew that look. That was the look he gave me when he was willing to do anything to get me where I needed to go.

“Anything you want, Mia,” he murmured, planting a soft kiss on my mouth before he began to work his way down my body – he had practically ripped off the fancy dress I had picked out for the occasion as soon as we were through the door, and my SEX was already aching to feel his warm mouth once again.

He traced his lips down my body, over my breasts, his mouth warm as he teased that sensitive spot just above my hips, his breath trailing over the softest part of my belly. Sliding down further, he pushed my legs apart and his eyes connected with mine as he hovered his mouth over my vulva.

“Tell me what you want,” he murmured, his breath warm against my aching skin. I parted my lips, smiled to myself, and began to speak.

“Lick me,” I breathed, the words coming out of my mouth like a gasp; he flattened his tongue against my oversensitized nub and trailed it back and forth in long, slow strokes that made my whole body feel like it was tensing up. I groaned and reached down to hold his head in place.

“More,” I moaned. “More pressure…”

He did as he was told, sealing his lips around me and centring all his attention right there; it made my head spin, the feeling of it, the warmth of his mouth and the way he was teasing my pleasure out of me. He had always been good at giving head, but this was something else entirely. Maybe it was because I felt a little more relaxed than usual, or maybe it was because I was finally telling him everything I wanted.

He moaned against me, and the vibrations sent a shock of pleasure through my system. I sank my fingers into his shoulders, holding him in place. His eyes were fixed on me, intent and intense, reading my every reaction to give me what I needed.

And from there, it seemed as though we were communicating without words – he was reading my mind, able to tell everything that was going on in my head and reacting to it as he went. He traced his tongue all over me, like he was determined to learn every inch of me off by heart – softening over my sensitive spots and sucking and lapping at the ones that could take a little more.

He spent a while gently tracing the shape of my sex, moving his tongue up and down the folds that ran from the crook of my thigh down to the centre of my being. Sucking softly on my lips, he seemed determined to taste every part of me – I had never known any man so greedy for me like this before, and it was driving me crazy.

He teased his mouth around the very edge of my entrance, softening his tongue and letting it slide gently just an inch inside of me.

I swear, my eyes nearly crossed at the sheer pleasure of that sensation. I’d never felt it before, and I let out a cry to make sure he understood just how good this was for me. Words had long-since escaped me, but that didn’t matter; I could tell him everything he needed to know with the movement of my body, with the panting harshness of my breath.

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I felt the pleasure beginning to build, slowly – he seemed in no rush to get out of there, taking his time and lavishing attention over every inch of me. He spread my legs wide and stroked his tongue in an arc from one thigh to the other, over my swollen nub, and he glanced up at me to read my face – my mouth was parted, my jaw slack, no thought in my head but how close I was getting. I pushed my hips back into him, grinding myself against his face; I had forgotten any sense of decency, only wanting to come, to feel myself give in to the waves of pleasure that he was layering on to me with his mouth for what felt like days now.

Sliding his hands beneath my ass, he pulled me further on to him, filling his mouth with me as though he could never imagine getting enough. I had never felt so wanted in my entire life. The way he was feasting on me, it was more than I could take – and soon, I felt the waves of release rise and overwhelm me, crashing through me like a tidal wave, my nerve endings catching light.

I crunched up off the bed and cried out in pleasure, balling the covers in my hands as I went, but he didn’t move – he slowed his tongue against me, prolonging the rise and fall of my orgasm.

My skin tingling from head to toe, I reached down and pulled him up and on top of me, kissing him hungrily. I could taste myself on him, the mingling of the two of us on his lips. When I opened my eyes, his gaze was soft.

“What makes you think you’re done already?” I murmured playfully, raising my eyebrows at him. I planted my hands on his shoulders, guiding him back down, and he did as he was told at once. I lay back on the bed, a smile curling up my face, my body primed for as much pleasure as he could give me. And I had a feeling that we were going to be in for a long night, in the best possible way.


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