Petite Boheme: Women’s Erotica and Feminism

Discover the voice behind the erotic drawings of @petite_boheme

Discover the voice behind the erotic drawings of @petite_boheme

Graduate from the School of Arts and Architecture of Paris, @petite_boheme is a French artist who develops a feminine and feminist women’s erotica with minimalistic and refined drawings. Her modern vision of female sexuality is an inspiring call for women to enjoy their bodies and sex lives freely. Discussion with the woman behind the art!

What was your journey towards erotic art?

Initially, I wanted to go back to drawing of living models (drawing of nude) that I had the chance to practice during my art studies.

And so, I started to publish my drawings on social media and success followed.

Little by little, my drawings became more sensual, and more raw, the public was asking for more … men and women alike!

Then as I got to do more and more exhibitions and collaborations, this hobby became a full-time activity in itself.


When it comes to erotic art, who are the artists (author, painter, movie maker, singer. photographer…) you look up to?

I am fascinated by a lot of painters ranging from classic art like Ingres, Klimt, Schiele to more contemporary art. In this regard, I recommend reading Philippe Grimbert’s book “Le Sexe” which explores the representation of sexuality through the history of arts, it is fascinating!

In music, here are my top 10 favorite “erotic” songs (disorderly): Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”, Prince’s “Kiss”, Franck Ocean’s “Thinking about you”, Jai Paul’s “Jasmin”, Lo-Fang’s “Light Year”, Air’s “Playground Love”, Tame impala’s “The less i know the better”, obviously Gainsbourg with “Je t’aime, moi non plus”, Bashung and her “Madame Reve”, and to conclude with a woman: Missy Elliot with “Work it”.

When it comes to movies, I recently discovered the work of Erika Lust through some collaborations, she is a director and producer of feminist porn films, and she is revolutionizing this traditionally sexist industry!


You have grown a huge number of followers on Instagram. It’s a great platform for artists but a complicated one to navigate when it comes to promoting sex positivity. How do you get by?

Indeed, it is a very interesting communication medium, because it is free (and hopefully, it will remain free!) and we can reach people from all around the world. There are rules to respect in relation to censorship so you have to know how to get around them, and it does influence my work a bit.

But above all, I want to illustrate the pleasure and the desire of women trying to free myself from the patriarchal vision of sexuality … it is really not easy not to fall into clichés!


What do you find most sensual in a woman?

Mainly her look, her aura and as Jean Giono so beautifully put it: “There is in sensuality a kind of cosmic joy.”

Self love Petite Boheme

Credits @Petite Boheme

Do you think mentalities are changing when it comes to women’s sexuality and the way it is perceived by society? And what can each and every one of us do to make things change?

Things are changing, there is a strong feminist movement that is building up! Women must be able to express themselves in all possible ways.

I have found a support that allows me to do it, I am very lucky and I am very mindful and considerate about the reactions of women on my work. I feel some responsibility when I post a drawing … I do not necessarily want to shock, I just want to show that a woman has the right to express about sexuality without taboo!


One word/One piece of advice/One question/One exclamation to our readers?

To conclude, I will repeat the words of the great feminist Benoîte Groult:

“Masculinity has long been preached as universal truth and the highest expression of intelligence, as the virile organ was the noblest expression of sexuality, and women must shout today. And other women – and men – must want to hear this cry, which is not a cry of hatred, hardly a cry of anger, because then it should turn against themselves, but a cry of life. ”

Lesbian love - Petite Boheme

Credits @Petite Boheme


Did you know most women need mental framing to enjoy sex better? Our brain is our first sexual organ, and eroticism is a great way to nurture our sensual imagination. Indulge in more women’s erotica on our blog!

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