Singing In the Rain – Erotic Short Story

Taking a sensual and quite public shelter from the rain

Taking a sensual and quite public shelter from the rain

Pete and Megan find shelter from the rain in a furniture store. And get carried away by their urgent desire for each other. An erotic short story of public sex and accidental voyeurism.

It began to rain as we stepped outside the restaurant. Pete wanted to go back inside to wait it out. “You’ll get wet,” he said, kissing the top of my head. I smiled and took his hand and ran into the downpour, dragging him with me. He laughed as we ran, heads bent against the cold raindrops. We were like happy, carefree kids.

“You’re so crazy,” he said. Then I stopped and turned around kissed him in the middle of the road. His lips were warm against mine. His tongue probed my mouth and stirred me awake in the cold. All around us, people pressed their noses against shop windows and watched us. A few people clapped and cheered us on. When we broke the kiss, I looked up to see his face was flushed – a tell-tale sign of his arousal. Then he bent his head and kissed me again, hungrily this time. He rubbed my nipples through my wet clothes as he plundered my mouth. I reached down and caressed the outline of his hardness pressed against his jeans. He groaned into my mouth.

“I need you now,” I said.

“I know, honey,” he said. “But we are a long way from home.”

“Who says we have to go all the way home?”

My quick scan of the street had shown me that there was a furniture shop close by, and all those beautiful beds had given me an idea.

“Come,” I said, leading him into the shop. We stood near the door in our wet clothes, unsure of what to do next. His eyes widened when he saw the beds and a slow smile spread across his face.

“I see why you led us here!”

He pulled my blouse over my head and helped me out of my jeans. I returned the favor quickly. Shoppers watched us with surprise in their eyes.

“What about our audience?” he asked.

“We better put on a good show for their benefit.”

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He pushed me gently on an antique bed and climbed in after me. The people around us let out a collective gasp. Pete smiled and winked at me. “Let’s get this shoe on the road!” he said. He caressed my nipple and sucked on the other thirstily. I reached for his erection and massaged him, and he rewarded me with a guttural groan. He trailed kisses from my neck down to my belly button and down to my hot, wet center. He flicked my clitoris with his tongue and a sweet shudder ran down my body. He sucked on my pleasure bud until I cried out for him to stop.

His erection throbbed hot and eager in my grip. I ran my tongue over the cap and felt his whole body stiffen. I wet his velvety shaft with my saliva until it shone. I swallowed his length and felt his tip at the back of my throat. I sucked and stroked him till his eyes rolled back.

“This is so good,” he moaned. He pulled out of my mouth, sleek, rigid and ready.

He plunged into me in one smooth thrust. “Oh my!” someone in the audience exclaimed. Pete propped his body weight on his arms and thrust into me repeatedly while I raised my hips to meet his ruthless strokes. He pulled out until he was barely in before slamming back in. His pace was fast and merciless. His eyes were closed as he pumped into me again and again.

The people around us began to whisper to themselves, but no one moved.

I felt empty when Pete withdrew, but it was only to switch positions. This time we spooned. Someone giggled. Pete’s chest was solid against my back. I raised my right leg high as Pete entered me from behind. He hugged me to himself and pounded away. His engorged veins robbed against my tightness and heightened my pleasure. He filled me and stretched me to the max. It was too much pleasure. He stroked my nipples with his thumb and forefinger as he ravaged me. My whole body exploded in a kaleidoscope of colors. Behind me, Pete let out a cry and came over the edge with me.

Someone handed us our wet clothes when we got up from the bed.

“That was fun!” I said.

“I agree.”

We were dressing up when the security showed up, but the guy just gave us a shy smile and ushered us out.


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