Surfer Girl – A Sensual Tale

An erotic story of women play

An erotic story of women play

Briana encounter with Hollywood it-girl at her favourite surf spot takes an unexpected turn. They let themselves getting washed over by an irrepressible attraction. In this erotic short story, surfing is done on waves are of pleasure…

Four weeks ago, Briana had gone to the beach to practice for the Surf Championships. She was expecting to ride the waves and perfect her game before the tournament. But they were shooting a movie at the beach when she arrived. The whole place was teeming with the film crew, who created barricades to divide the beach into a section for filming and a section for normal beach goers. Briana stripped and ran into the water and rode a perfect wave.

Then she caught sight of Laura Bird, the drop-dead gorgeous movie star. Laura Bird was standing with an assistant, leafing through her movie script. Briana couldn’t help but stare, but then Laura Bird looked up and their eyes met and held. It was Laura Bird who looked away first, as another assistant came to the star and told her the director needed her attention.

The next day Briana woke up early and thought about the movie star she had seen the day before. She was going to the beach for practice, and she would definitely run into Hollywood’s It Girl again.

Briana was both excited and petrified. She threw on her favorite T-shirt over a pair of jeans and left her flat.

Laura Bird was even more beautiful the second time Briana saw her. Her long blonde hair fell to her shoulder like a silky waterfall. When Briana arrived at the beach, Laura was laughing at something the director was saying, and her voice rang out clear as a bell on a still afternoon. It was Laura who approached Briana in between takes, and Briana didn’t miss how the actress’ thumb stroked her hand when she offered it for a handshake.

“You’re amazing on the surfboard!” Laura said to her. “I watched you surfing here yesterday.”

Briana smiled shyly, remembering Laura’s thumb stroking hers gently.

“Thanks,” Briana replied. “I think you’re an amazing actress. I couldn’t take my eyes off you yesterday.”

“Do you want to get a drink?” Laura asked, smiling. “Maybe then we’ll have enough time to tell each other how amazing we both are.”

They went to a bar with high booths that gave them privacy. They sat down, their bodies pressed closed together. Briana still couldn’t believe she was sitting close to a Hollywood starlet. Champagne flowed, and so did the giggles. Then they shared a kiss, Laura Bird leaning in and Briana accepting the superstar’s warm, eager mouth.

Spurred by the kiss, Briana’s hand slipped underneath the elastic of Laura Bird’s panties.

It was a bold move, but there was no stopping Briana now that Laura parted her legs to allow her entry. Briana’s finger found Laura’s wet heat and massaged her pulsing, engorged clitoris.

Laura’s eyes were half-closed in ecstasy, but that didn’t stop her from unzipping Briana’s jeans, sliding it down and also rubbing Briana’s swollen bud. Briana spread her legs to give Laura total access, but she didn’t slow down her fingers wrecking Laura’s sense. They rubbed each other in a matching rhythm.

Their slick fingers worked until they were both panting. They kissed in order to muffle each other’s moans of pleasure. Their bodies were on fire and their juices flowed and lubricated their already fast fingers. Both girls began to move their waists to keep in time with the strokes, their bodies picking up the primal dance effortlessly.

They came together. Violently. Each of them shaking as the spasms overwhelmed them.


The next day, the sun was on Briana’s back and her surfboard was firm under her feet. It was the perfect day to surf. When her eyes met Laura Bird’s, the other woman smiled normally and carried on like their night at the bar hadn’t happened. But it was all Briana could think about. Then filming wrapped for the day and everyone went back to their trailers.

Laura’s assistant whispered in Briana’s ear that Briana was needed in Laura’s trailer. Briana rushed over, their last encounter replaying in her head. Laura was waiting, and she closed her door and shove Briana towards the bed as soon as she stepped inside the trailer.

She slipped Briana’s panties off and touched her already swollen clitoris. Briana was already dripping wet and eager for Laura’s touch. With her dress flipped over her waist, she lay back and enjoyed the sensations Laura was stirring inside her.

She jerked when Laura’s fingers started a circular rubbing motion against her clitoris.

Briana ground against Laura’s languid strokes as the tension built. Then Laura increased her tempo and Briana began to weep in pleasure as the intense climax started. And then she came, bucking against Laura’s hand.

When Briana’s body cooled, Laura kissed her and smiled.

“It promises to be an interesting few months on set!” Laura said.

“Yeah, I think I’ll be coming to the beach a lot,” Briana replied, laughing.


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