The Tennis Coach – Erotic Story Of Indoor Training

Physical training made better in this erotic short story

Physical training made better in this erotic short story

In this short erotic story, Laura’s Tennis Coach displays his mastery of skilful aim by indulging her in the most sensual delights.

Laura’s new house came with a gorgeous tennis court that overlooked the hills. The former owners were avid tennis players, and they had been a bit disappointed that Laura didn’t know how to play. At first Laura simply enjoyed leisurely strolls around the court in the evening when the sun was dying out, and then she began to wonder what it would feel like to play against such a dreamy backdrop.

She found a great tennis coach at the local tennis club and began her lessons. Ernie was a great coach. He showed up at Laura’s house three times a week to teach her the basics. They went at their lessons with seriousness, working hard to ignore the attraction burning between them. It was getting harder and harder for Laura to pretend she wasn’t affected by his solid chest and his strong legs, that she didn’t wonder what his mouth would feel like against hers.

One day the tennis coach needed to reach around Laura’s waist to hold the racket with her and help her correct her forehand swing.

Laura saw an opportunity and pressed her bottom against his crotch and smiled to herself when she felt him harden.

“You swing from the shoulder and never from the wrist or elbow,” the tennis coach said as they both tightened their grip on the racket and practiced a few forehand swings. “Always complete the swing. Never stop halfway.”

“So easy!” Laura said. She ground her bottom against his crotch, slowly at first, then she found a rhythm that made her tennis coach’s breath quicken.

With one hand still wrapped around her waist, the coach took the racket from Laura and set it down on the court, then he held her waist with both hands and pressed her against his hardness. He ground into her until he was rock-hard. It was a peaceful evening and the breeze rustled gently through their hair.

Laura took his hands and placed them on her breasts. Her coach slipped his hands under the band of her sports bra and found her eager nipples. He rubbed them until Laura’s legs shook under her. Laura danced away from his reach and ran towards the house, then she turned around and crooked her finger at him and winked before disappearing from view.

By the time he found her, she was already naked on her bed and waiting for him. She spread her legs and her clitoris pulsed swollen and hot.

He dropped down beside her on the bed and touched his finger to her swollen bud. She cried out in pleasure.

Spurred on by her response, the coach rubbed Laura’s clit until she was gyrating and grinding against his hand. His touch was light and slow against her at first, but before long he increased the speed until she was sobbing in pleasure. He caught her nipple in his mouth and suckled while he rubbed her clitoris. Laura bucked against him and came loudly, her moans filling the room.

The tennis coach lapped up Laura’s juices and licked his lips like he had tasted the sweetest honey. He slid a single finger into her and found her G-spot. Laura’s whole body tensed as he began to stroke her pleasure spot. He started another maddening rhythm with his finger, then he slipped another finger into her, then another. Soon, she was bucking wildly against the three fingers setting fire to her G-spot. It felt like her world was about to explode. He kissed her behind the ears and sucked on her neck. When he felt another wave of pleasure coming for her, he reached up and swallowed her moans as she came, her body rising off the bed as her muscles closed around his three fingers, her eyes half-closed.

It didn’t take long for Laura to recover from the climax. She knelt above him with her knees on either side of his body.

She straddled him and impaled herself on his hardness until he was buried deep inside her. She needed to stay on top to control the pace.

He held her waist and began stroking her G-spot with sharp upward thrusts. She rocked him, matching him thrust for thrust. His hardness drove in and out of her and stroked her G-spot until they were both panting.

She rose up and positioned herself on all fours, her bottom in the air and her chest flat on the bed. He got behind her and slid into her smoothly. This time his strokes were urgent and ruthless. His position behind her gave him full access to her G-spot. His thrusts maintained a steady rhythm until she whimpered and collapsed on the bed, exhausted and sated. Then he followed her over the edge.

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