Women’s Erotica In The Words of Artist Tina Maria Elena

The voice behind the art work: a feminine call to women to love their bodies

The voice behind the art work: a feminine call to women to love their bodies

Half French, half Danish, Tina Maria Elena has developed a unique visual style to depict the delicate and sensual viewpoint of a woman on sexuality, self-love and love. Her textured and colourful watercolours convey a message of true empowerment to women, for them to express themselves sexually, freed from shame and stigma. Discussion women’s erotica rising star !

What was your journey towards erotic art?

I felt that the feminine and sensual perspective had been missing in erotic art and it was most certainly a huge part of my inspiration when I started painting the Make Love series.

I posted my first erotic art on November 20, 2015 on Instagram. It was a handcut piece which started my ‘Make Love’ series. This later became ‘Make Love Watercolor’.

Fortunately I feel a strong development in this area. Women are starting to accept their own sexuality and I think this is very visible on Instagram.


When it comes to erotic art, who are the artists (author, painter, movie maker, singer. Photographer…) you look up to?

I started following Alpha Channeling on Instagram a few years ago and I think he was one of the reasons why I dared to share my erotic art too. I love his magical Erotic Utopia.

I also love Senju Shunga, Apollonia Saintclair, Tai Melo (Nudegrafia), Frida Castelli to name a few. But I’m constantly inspired by multiple artists, poets and photographers.


You have grown a huge number of followers on Instagram. It’s a great platform for artists but a complicated one to navigate when it comes to promoting sex positivity. How do you get by?

Nudity in paintings is okay to post on Instagram, but the problem is that even though this is allowed people can still report it if they feel violated. And a lot of accounts are being disabled no matter if you have many followers or only few. I don’t feel completely free to share any painting. I think for me the key is to focus on sensuality and I don’t really think a lot about the fact that I am promoting sex positivity – but I do that of course by painting erotica from my point a view as a woman.

Woman sexuality Tina Maria Elena

Credits @Tina Maria Elena

What do you find the most sensual in a woman?

I think women’s bodies are so sensual and soft, but I also think it’s our way of thinking. Women often need more time to connect, to have foreplay, to slow down to feel sensual.


Do you think mentalities are changing when it comes to women’s sexuality and the way it is perceived by society? And what can each and every one of us do to make things change?

Yes, the focus on women pleasure is increasing. The sexual liberation and the body-positive theme is really hot and I think it helps a lot of women.

In my work, I often focus on women’s pleasure because I’m relating to the feelings of the woman, her passion, her lust and desire and love. So, in a way, I’m mirroring myself in every painting – both the erotic ones and the ones with a Goddess painting for example. I want so much to empower women and let them feel gorgeous, sensual and sexual without any shapes of shame, guilt or suppressed desires.

And I do speak up as a woman through my art. I’m telling stories about what I like and what I could fantasize about. Many people write to me and comment on the emotions they get by looking at my paintings… something they hope to find, are happy to have or are inspired by.  I want both men and women to feel desirable and love-worthy. My art is about allowing women to feel sexual and free to express their sexuality without having to be shamed by men, other women or society.

When it comes to women’s sexuality and the way it is perceived I think all women can raise awareness just by being themselves and not let others decide and judge how she should be as a woman.


One word/One piece of advice/One question/One exclamation to our readers?

Stay true to your heart and focus on the beauty in life!


Self love Tina Maria Elena

Credits @Tina Maria Elena



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