Watch Me – An Erotic Story On The Art Of Teasing

An erotic story based on a real woman's fantasy

An erotic story based on a real woman's fantasy

In this erotic story, Lilly shows her skills on the art of teasing to her long-time friend, who watches mesmerized…


“Lilly, you are driving me out of my mind,” Justin said, groaning as Lilly shrugged off her jacket and walked to her bed.

“How so?” Lilly asked, wondering how the simple act of taking off her outer clothes could arouse Justin.

She knew she was beautiful since everyone mentioned it to her, but she also knew Justin had the attention of many beautiful women. They were buddies and had known each other since their first year in the university, and in the five years of their friendship it never seemed that Justin ever noticed she was a living, breathing woman.

Justin’s confession emboldened Lilly, so she took off her top just to see Justin’s reaction. His sharp intake of breath confirmed her suspicion. Justin wanted her and he wasn’t going to pretend.

She kept her eyes on his face as she unhooked the front clasp of her lacy bra. She smiled at the result. He closed his eyes when her breasts bounced free of the constraints. She kept her panties on.

“What are you doing, Lilly.”

“I’m just taking off my clothes,” she replied with a smile that was deceptively innocent. She took her nipple between her thumb and forefinger and rubbed it, all the while keeping her eyes on Justin’s face. A lone vein throbbed above his left eye, and down below, a tell-tale budge appeared in front of his jeans.

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“What am I supposed to do now,” Justin asked, running his hand through his hair.

An idea came to Lilly, one she was eager to test.

“Touch yourself, Justin. I want to watch you do it.”

Lilly slipped her fingers under the elastic of her thong and fingered herself. Her eyes never left Justin’s. Watching him through half-closed eyes, she saw his reluctance melt away as she quickened the pace with which she stroked herself.

He pulled down his jeans and briefs at the same time. His hardness bobbed into view, causing Lilly to gasp.

“This is what you have done to me, Lilly.”

Justin watched her hand working under the flimsy lace of her panties. His own hand went to work stroking his hard length. She watched him and he watched her.

“Could you caress your nipples again?” He asked, “I liked it when you did that.”

So, one hand in her panties and the other on her breasts, Lilly’s stroked herself following the tempo of the pleasure she was giving herself and the one she got from watching a handsome man masturbate.

She moaned softly when he quickened his pace to match hers, a rhythm only they could understand. He moved his waist as he loved the hand he cupped around his hardness, and Lilly imagined him on top of her, working her towards a climax with deep, urgent strokes.

“Do you want me to take off my panties?” she asked.

“Yes, please!”

She slipped it off and flung it across the room, then she took her hand to her wet heat and resumed pleasuring herself.

She watched his hardness grow and imagined it replacing the fingers she had inside her and his tongue relieving the hand she had on her nipple.

His breathing was harder now as his hand worked furiously, but through it all their eye contact was unbroken. Lilly saw that he was having trouble holding on, that the tension made his whole body taut. She imagined his hard body poised over hers, and the vivid image drove her over the edge. She cried out and shook in pleasure as delightful spasms tore through her body.

Justin let go then and followed her right over the edge.

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