Clitoral Or Vaginal Orgasm: The End Of The Debate?

A sexologist uncovers for us the mystery of the female orgasm

A sexologist uncovers for us the mystery of the female orgasm

This article has been written by Charlotte, couple and sex therapist at Sexocorner

At last! The debate about the vaginal or clitoral orgasm is about to end thanks to the latest findings about the clitoris. These are things you should know about the anatomy of the female sex, so that the question no longer arises.

The clitoris is much bigger than it seems

The clitoris is much bigger than it seems

Credit: Jorge Mayet

The clitoris is often described as “a little bowl at the junction between the labia, above the vagina”. In fact, it is very much bigger. This little bowl, that can be more or less prominent depending on the woman, is only the visible part of the clitoris.

It’s now called the glans of the clitoris. It is very sensitive, as it has the same structure as the glans of the penis. Both swell when they are excited, and Both have a prepuce. This little fold of skin protects this external part of the sexual organs.

Penis and clitoris have more in common: the internal part of the clitoris is made of two roots and two bulbs, that have similar structures as the cavernous and spongious bodies of the penis.

Clitoris vs penis anatomy


Credit: Sexocorner

Those structures have erectile tissues. That means that they swell when they are excited. The clitoris, external and internal, become thus bigger when it is stimulated. It can be reached not only by the glans, but also all along the area between the two labia. That’s why some women rather like to be touched with the hand flat on the vulva, so that all the whole area is stimulated.


Clitoris and vagina: each area has is kind of caress

Clitoris and vagina_ each area has is kind of caress - blog post

More or less strong pressure, more or less rapid friction, each area of the female sex has its own preferences of caresses. The external part – clitoris glans and labia – are sensitive to friction, and internal part – the vagina – is sensitive to pressure.

The strength, the intensity and the rhythm are a matter of taste: each woman has its own preferences. They depend on the sensitivity, and can change during the lifetime, including with major events as childbirth or menopause.


All orgasms are clitoral

Clitastic - All orgasms are clitoral orgasms

Those latest findings about the clitoris are about to put an end to the big debate about clitoral and vaginal orgasm. In fact, the famous G Spot could be this area at the entry of the vagina where the penis enters in contact during the penetration with the arch of the clitoris – the internal area where the two bulbs join. The more the clitoris is excited, the more it will be sensitive to the pressure of the penis during the penetration. Thus, all the orgasms would be clitoral, even the ones that some women feel as internal.

At last, women can move on to the real matter: how do they like to be touched? A question their partner should also wonder about…