Do Multiple Orgasms Really Exist?

Exploring an exciting topic with a sexologist's insight!

Exploring an exciting topic with a sexologist's insight!

As we create vibrators for female orgasm, we’re amazed to keep on discovering how rich and various women’s pleasure potential is. Far from the cliche belief that the female orgasm is complex and shrouded in mystery, talking with sexologists has taught us that in fact, the female body is fitted to unleash wonderful experiences. Since a bit of education never hurts, we’ve asked a sexologist about: multiple orgasms

To climax once is already pretty good. But several times, it’s even better! In any case, this is what many women think, and some, consequently, look desperately to experience multi-orgasms. But what exactly are multiple orgasms? And how to reach it?

What are multiple orgasms?

Men and women can get multi orgasms

Multiple orgasms are the ability to climax several times during the same session of sexual activity, interspersed or not with refractory periods. Widely represented in erotic and pornographic media, the female multi-orgasm is seen by many as an extraordinary experience that must be lived if not as often as possible, at least once in a lifetime. And many wonder how to get it … But before we look closer at this question, note that if fantasies tend to focus more on the female multi-orgasm, the male multi-orgasm also exists.

Men and women alike can reach one climax after another. The difference that is observed is in the duration of the refractory period, which is statistically shorter for women. Men, in general, need more time to recover from an orgasm. This does not mean that women are good to go again right away: some women’s energy level drops after orgasming and others feel hypersensitive in the genitalia area. Some women, on the other hand, have a very short refractory period, and are quickly ready to have another go at it. Which does not mean they necessarily want to …

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But how does it work?

How multi orgasms work

The female orgasm is the physiological response to sexual arousal, in its maximum phase. Physiologically, it results in rhythmic and involuntary contractions of the vaginal muscles, accompanied, depending on the woman, by a redness on the thorax or the neck, sweat, an acceleration of the cardiac and/or the respiratory rate, and sometimes even by tears. And not only: every woman has her own body response to climaxing.

To attain that delicious bliss, a woman goes through phases of excitement that goes crescendo until reaching a threshold where orgasm becomes possible. For some women, if excitement is maintained and stimulation finely adjusted, this plateau phase can last for some time. It is during this plateau phase that some women say they experience several orgasms. For some, the first is the best, and the following are “small orgasms”. For others, intensity grows with each orgasm. Again, it all depends on the woman: her experience of orgasm, her body response, and the way she feels next is very personal.


Is there a miracle recipe?

No miracle recipe to get multi orgasms

Conversely to what some articles online suggest, there is no universal methodology to apply to get multi-orgasms. And the problem of suggesting that there is a miracle recipe is that, if it does not work, we risk getting into a vicious circle where we see it as a failure.

All we can observe is that women who experience multiple orgasms generally know their body well. Sexual experience and age might also play a role: it seems to happen more often in our forties than our twenties. But again, it varies with each woman … And it is not an end in itself: a woman can very well be satisfied with ONE orgasm, and on the contrary feel frustrated after a multi-orgasm. A woman’s level of satisfaction after an intercourse depends on so much more than the number of orgasms she’s experienced: the quality of intimacy plays a decisive role.

Written by Charlotte Creplet, sex therapist at Sexocorner


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