Tune In! How Music Enhances Our Experience of Sex

Why The Right Groove Puts You in The Right Mood

Why The Right Groove Puts You in The Right Mood

Even if our women’s vibrators are so silent that you don’t need to cover the noise with a soundtrack, music is actually a great way to upgrade your sexy sessions.  Its benefits are even quite similar to the ones of sex! So, imagine when you combine both…

Indeed, just like an orgasm, from managing pain, improving a better nights sleep and inducing a variety of moods, music has a very powerful effect on human behaviour.

It’s not all emotional though, music buffs we have great news – music is proven to have a positive effect on your sexual experiences.


It’s basically cardio, right?

Many studies have linked better performance during a workout with listening to music. Depending on the position, women burn around 3.1 calories per minute during sex so we’re considering that a light workout, at least.

“These studies suggest that people who listen to music when they work out feel less fatigue and therefore exercise for longer periods of time than people who don’t listen to music when they work out.”

Listening to music can increase focus during physical activity.

Subjects involved in this survey reported significantly less fatigue while exercising to music. So if you want to make your sessions last longer, put on some tunes!


Set the mood

Music can create a a romantic atmosphere and help us to slow down. Spotify proved this when they released their 2017 best sex songs playlist, all of which were popular, slow, sex-positive R&B songs. With 50 Shades of Grey vibes being the top choice, this soulful list is the go-to mood maker according to Spotify users.

  1. The Weeknd – Earned It / Often
  2. Ginuwine – Pony
  3. Trey Songz – Slow Motion
  4. Rihanna – Skin
  5. Jeremih – All The Time

We asked our community for their favourite tunes for creating a sex positive vibe and among the top requests were;

  1. Beyonce ft. Jay Z- Drunk In Love
  2. ZAYN – Pillowtalk
  3. The XX – Intro
  4. Tweet ft. Missy Elliot- Oops
  5. Lizzo – Juice


Lost for words?

Too shy to talk dirty? Suggestive lyrics might help paint a picture of your mood. The vast majority of women, in fact, 90% use mental framing to reach orgasm. Creating scenarios in our minds is a safe and creative way of using fantasy to reach orgasm. Build your fantasy with your playlist. Think Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Drunk In Love or Jeremih’s Birthday Sex.


Turn up the bass

Want to feel empowered? Psychologists at Columbia University conducted an experiment to see the effects of music on people’s feeling of empowerment.

An interesting result is that lyrics reportedly had virtually no effect, but what seemed to have a strong influence was a good clean and sharp bass. Women masturbation and self-esteem have a positive correlation. Keep the link going with background beats that make you feel strong and liberated.


Bring pleasure positivity into your playlist. Follow Smile Makers Collection on Spotify and share with us your pleasure songs!

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