6 Sex Positions That Double As Exercise

The fitness program you had been waiting for!

The fitness program you had been waiting for!

With the New Year come good resolutions, right? And gym often hits the list. This UK study shows that 75% of women would like to go to the gym more than what they do.

So, to help you with make this good resolution really good and even enjoyable, we have listed for you 6 sex positions that double as exercise. Never feel guilty again for missing your gym class, you can take a rain check in the bedroom!

Introducing the most pleasurable way to burn calories: SEX. As in the gym, it involves sweating and grunting, but this alternative will surely give you an instant reward.

The variety of sex positions one can adopt while at it provides as many ways to move (and thus, work) the body !

So, we have prepared a new fitness program that will allow you best to burn calories and tone-up, while having a blast ! You are welcome…


Rediscover these 3 traditional sex positions:

The Cow Girl

cowgirl position

Credits: Yordanka Poleganova

The traditional position where the woman is on top of the man offers a great opportunity to get moving. In this sex position, as you are on top of him, you move your hips to control the thrust. You can use your arms for stability, and if you are up for a deeper work-out, try putting your hands right behind your butt and use your arms to back bend. If you use no hands, all the effort will go in your core – hello abs!


standing position

Credits: Yordanka Poleganova

He is standing and you hug him with your legs around his waist.

Even if you are supported by a wall, this position is a killer for toning your legs and your core!

The Lotus

lotus position

Credits: Yordanka Poleganova

It is a variation of the standing position, while being seated. He is seated in lotus, and you wrap your legs around his waist. Since you are on top, you will need to use your core muscles as well as your glutes to get in movement. Perfect for toning!


Explore these 3 creative sex positions:

The Bridge or Arch:bridge positionCredits: Yordanka Poleganova

Like in pilates class, you are in a bridge position: your pelvis, back and thighs are lifted, and you use your hands and your feet pushing against the floor to raise your body as a bridge.

You can also go into the yogi version, leaving your shoulders on the floor instead of pushing on your palms. This position requires you pushing hard on your feet, and it is great for toning the legs, the buttocks and the muscles of the back. If you are on your hands, it will also strengthen your shoulders.

The plow

arch position

Credits: Yordanka Poleganova

As the name suggests it, in this position, you are the plow and he is… well, the farmer. Use your elbows to take stability against a bed or a table, while your man lifts your body through lifting your thighs. This position, which can feel very similar to a forearm plank, will need arms and core strength !


The lunge

lunge position

Credits: Yordanka Poleganova

In this position, you are on top of him, in a lunge position. Lunges are an excellent way to build strength in your legs, as well as shaping your glutes ! To move while being in the position, you can use your hands on your man and move up and down. If your bent leg gets tired… change legs! Bonus to keep you going: this position is known to offer more chances for women to get a vaginal orgasm as it allows clitoral stimulation too.

Each of these sex positions has many variations for a more intense work-out… hum, sorry, sexual experience. You can for example use hands instead of elbows in the plow. Or choose to use more or less arms/legs in the standing position. While being in the position, you will be able to feel what is working, and how you could make specific muscles work more or less.


No more guilt trips over the gym, because when there is a will, there is always a way to get your body moving! We hope you will enjoy your new fitness program!


Any other sex positions that you think are a great way to get a work-out? Share with us in the comments!

Know a girlfriend who is feeling bad letting her workout routine on the side? We are sure this article will lift her spirits up (and provide her a new workout routine she may stick to more easily)! Share the love !


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