What Is The G-Spot?

An exploratory post about the G-Spot

An exploratory post about the G-Spot

When Indiana Jones risked life and limb in his search for the Holy Grail, women around the world collectively high-fived each other (at least mentally) and shouted ‘Now he knows how we feel’, although in our case the Holy Grail is not a chalice – it’s the elusive G-Spot.

Hitting the Spot


The G-Spot is an area inside the vagina which, when stimulated, can produce an intense orgasm. But if most women don’t know how to find it, how do our partners stand a chance? A lot of women and probably a good deal of men will have searched ‘Where is the G-Spot’ online, but there is no substitute for hands-on learning.

Get to Know Yourself Inside and Out

Explore to know your body

There is still a certain taboo surrounding women’s sexuality – but screw that (pun absolutely intended). If we’re not sure how our own bodies work then we are doing ourselves a great disservice. Everyone deserves great sex, and while the female anatomy is slightly harder to figure out (men have it all ‘out there’ so there’s no mystery) it’s not an impossible task. So, take time to explore yourself and find your spot!

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Come Hither

Using fingers to explore yourself

Ok, so you want to find your G-Spot but you’re not sure how to start. No problem. Make sure you’re relaxed, and not about to be disturbed. Lie on your back, and get comfortable, and then slide your finger/s inside your vagina, with your palm upwards. The G-Spot is usually found on the front wall of the vagina, so by making a ‘come hither’ gesture with your finger you should, in theory, be able to feel it.

Feeling Rough

G-Spot - rough tissue

You will be able to tell the difference between the G-Spot and normal vaginal tissue as it is rough in texture, rather like the roof of the mouth, and during arousal it can swell, so if you’re having trouble finding it, stimulate yourself clitorally first and try again – in fact, it has been suggested that the G-Spot is actually just an extension of the clitoris which runs inside the body.

Does it Even Exist?

Does G-spot exist?

Opinions are divided – some experts claim that the G-Spot doesn’t exist, while others are 100% sure it does. Research has even suggested that some women have it, and others don’t and that it can actually be ‘ruptured’ by trauma such as childbirth in the same way the hymen is broken during horse riding or using a tampon; in which case it might not respond to stimulation. Certainly, those who have found it and learned to use it say it produces a much more intense orgasm than usual.

Does Female Ejaculation Exist?

Female ejaculation

Again, this is something which has been hotly debated for years. Stimulation of the G-Spot can make the woman feel the urge to urinate (a feeling which should pass if you relax and ‘go with it’) but it is this sensation that has led many to believe that female ejaculation is simply urination. However, in some cases at least it is thought to be a fluid which is produced by the Skene’s Glands, the female equivalent to the male prostate.


Is a G-Spot Essential to a Great Female Orgasm?

Big O for Orgasm

In a word, no. The number of women who achieve orgasm penetratively is greatly exaggerated, not least because that is how the movie industry (both mainstream and porn) portray it. If you do want to explore the possibilities there are ways to increase your chances, such as having a man enter you from behind while standing up, as this naturally points the penis to the front wall of the vagina, but what one should never, ever do is feel inadequate for not being able to find the G-Spot or achieve vaginal orgasm.


The biggest gift you can give yourself is to know your body intimately – what works for one woman will not work for the next, so find out what feels good, and you will have fantastic sex, with or without the G-Spot.

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