5 Reasons To Buy Yourself A Vibrator

... and why they belong in your health and beauty routine

... and why they belong in your health and beauty routine

You are curious to buy a vibrator? Believe us, you are not the only one! And if the taboo around female sexuality is still strong, things are changing and we all have a role to play!

1- Every body is doing it….

Everybody is using a vibrator

Vibrators and pleasure products had a global market worth more than $15 billion in 2015 and this number is expected to grow exponentially over the next ten years according to Forbes¹. More and more women are feeling confident the benefits of owning a vibrator. A study conducted by the Center of Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University in 2008 found that half of the thousands of women that they surveyed have used a vibrator at some time in their lives².

Films and series have opened up a whole new topic of discussion for us; our social media is inundated with images and advertisements that aim at getting women to open up about our sexuality and the products that we use. So why don’t we talk about them?


2- The taboo around vibrators is breaking…

Taboo around vibrators is breaking

For a very long time there has been a social taboo attached to vibrators and the women who used them were regarded as wanton, or promiscuous. It was unheard of for a group of women to talk openly about using vibrators. The only way we had to buy a vibrator was in adult stores that were undoubtedly male run and frequented.That has all changed and so rapidly as well. HBO’s hit Sex and the City opened up our eyes and our minds to the possibility of new sexual experiences and extended the dialogue with our girlfriends, and even our boyfriends. Many adult stores changed and became more female-friendly.


3- Vibrators have become very fancy!

Vibrators with fancy design

Vibrators themselves have evolved, from the early slightly intimidating models that sounded like an airplane getting ready for take-off to the subtle, sleek, purr like a kitten models that are so discreet they don’t even look like vibrators. Companies that produce vibrators invest large portions of their resources into market research and prototypes to ensure they are meeting their consumer demands.


4- They are good for us

Vibrators are good for you

Invented originally as a medical tool to help treat women of a variety of ailments including hysteria, the humble vibrator has since proven its prowess in aiding the female body in a number of ways. Check here 7 reasons why masturbation is good for you!


5- No need to go to a sex-shop to buy a vibrator

Vibrators available in nice shops

With the market for vibrators growing strongly and the prevalence of pleasure products so readily available in supermarkets and drug stores, gone are the days of navigating seedy, male-dominated adult sites and having to face the intimidation of adult stores with their garish lighting and sometimes confronting products….

Vibrators have entered the mainstream and can now be purchased from your local pharmacy or supermarket; not hidden in the back or on a lower shelf but displayed proudly with other feminine products, to attract and entice women into experiencing their sexuality.


Make sure to choose yours carefully

There are a few things that you need to know to buy a vibrator, whether it’s your first, your second, or your fifth (the more the merrier!). Vibrators are classified as novelties and not as medical devices and it is because of this classification that vibrators, or the materials that they are made from, are not regulated. Be mindful of the material used. Check all our tips to buy your first vibrator here.


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² – Prevalence and characteristics of vibrator use by women in the United States; Indiana University; 2008.