A Woman’s Guide to Masturbation

Masturbation techniques for qualitative solo sessions...

Masturbation techniques for qualitative solo sessions...

Woman masturbation can be something of a taboo. And yet it’s something that most of us do but rarely talk about. However, masturbation is actually good the health and mindsets need to change because without openness, how do we actually know how to masturbate?

The most common way to masturbate is to trace a circle or figure of eight around the clitoris using varying degrees of pressure, speed, and width. It’s a tried and tested method, so why change what’s not broken?

Think of it this way – would you be happy with a lover making love to you in exactly the same way every single time? If you would that’s fine, but wouldn’t you like sex that’s fun instead of just functional?

V is for Vagina

V is for Vagina stimulation

Woman masturbation offers many options to explore our bodies. Including the parts we don’t see with our eyes. So, A variation on the technique described above is to use your non-dominant hand and place your forefinger and middle finger on either side of your clitoris (in a V shape), squeezing slightly, while tapping or rubbing with the finger/s of the other hand. With a bit of practice, you can also slide the V up and down at the same time.

Woman Masturbation Is Better, Wetter

Using lube for masturbation

Credits: Ian Dooley

No matter how much you think you don’t need lube for masturbation, once you try it you’ll never go back! The texture of lube ensures a smooth, gliding action and minimises friction, which can lead to your clitoris becoming too sensitive too soon.

Girls on Top

On top as a masturbation position

Credits : Jenny Jacobsson Photography

If you like to have sex while being on top, why not try it as well for your solo session? Furniture can make a great sex toy! Lay a towel over the arm of a chair and straddle it, moving your hips back and forth. The constant pressure and the grinding motion will combine to make for some sensational self-satisfaction.


Good Vibrations For Good Masturbation

Using a vibrator to masturbate

Vibrators have gone mainstream, and they now come in beautiful shapes and designs, that actually please women (and not only for you know what!). So, check out your options to explore new experiences of masturbation!

Do you know how to masturbate with a vibrator? You can use external and internal vibrators, depending on what you’re looking for.

Most women climax much more easily using clitoral stimulation, so choosing a clitoral vibrator to masturbate with is a safe choice for a first try. Make sure you use one with varying speeds, as a strong vibration might be too much for the sensitivity of the clitoris. Spreading lube on either the vibrator or yourself will intensify the experience.

If you want to go deeper, like literally, buy a vibrator for internal masturbation. Some can be used both to stimulate the clitoris, and to be inserted into the vagina (some can do both at the same time). Some can be used to stimulate the anus.

Going for the G!

G-Spot vibrator to masturbate

Credits: @sylla_l

If you’re going to use a vibrator internally to masturbate, why not use one which will help you stimulate your G-Spot? Situated a couple of inches up on the front wall of your vagina, the G-Spot is a small area which feels slightly more solid and textured than the rest. Some vibrators are slightly curved, so when they are inserted they are already pointing in the right direction. Experiment with speeds and rhythms until you find what works best for you.


So now you have the basics you might be wondering how to get more pleasure from masturbation. The answer is to experiment and take the time to get to know yourself. Who says you have to do it lying down? Try it standing, kneeling, lying on your front or in the shower (talking of showers, a detachable shower head makes a great vibe!) Don’t just use a vibrator on your vagina – try stimulating your nipples, or simply running it slowly all over your body to wake up the nerve endings.

Sexual pleasure for women is so various and rich, and woman masturbation is an endless sea to explore! The only limit is your imagination, and as the mind is the biggest erogenous zone of all, the sky is the limit!


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