Sex And Health: Why Sex Can Help Prevent Cancer

Doctor's Orders!

Doctor's Orders!

Your sex life has an impact on your overall health

sante et sexualite

At Smile Makers, we work closely with gynecologists and sexologists. And away from the taboos and stigma that society puts on women’s sexuality, we discover with them the benefits that our sex life has on our health.

We recently discussed the link between cancer detection and the practice of masturbation. One of the most common cancers for women is breast cancer. Now, a fulfilling sex life can be both a prevention tool and a therapy tool to deal with this disease that affects so many of us!

Whether through masturbation or intercourses with a partner, many studies have suggested a link between having an active sex life and a lower risk of developing breast cancer.


Orgasm : better than vitamin C !

Orgasme et boost d'hormone sante

Indeed, one study showed that women with at least one sexual intercourse per month are less likely to develop breast cancer. This is due to the release of two hormones, oxytocin and DHEA, called “happiness hormones” for their effect on our mood. Studies have also suggested a link between sexual activity and the strengthening of the immune system.


Sex, sleep and zen

Sexe, sommeil et zenitude

Finally, whether it is through masturbation or sexual intercourses, sex is a very effective way to evacuate stress, and spend a good night’s sleep always thanks to the hormones released during an orgasm!

It is also a great tool for cultivating a healthy and caring relationship to one’s own body. And general well-being has an environmental impact in the circumstances surrounding of cancer occurrences.

It is also for this reason that to resume a sexual activity during a cancer and afterwards can be a complementary tool of therapy!


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