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A Guide to Our First Sex Game

Pleasure Tips 3 min read

How to Play Our First Sex Game

Introducing the Smile Makers’ Pleasure Slot Machine. A sex game that celebrates sexual exploration, encourages experimentation and provides a whole lot of sexual pleasure.

We always talk about discovering ourselves, be that our bodies or our pleasure preferences, and often give tips on ways to connect. Getting to know our vulva with a mirror, self-love journaling, using vibrators and having open discussions with our lovers; now it’s time to provide some playful inspiration!

What Is the Pleasure Slot Machine?

Inputted into the Pleasure Slot Machine are 28 erogenous zones and 18 ways to stimulate, that’s 504 different pleasure combinations to try! So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to lick, squeeze and thrust - it’s time to have some fun. Our sex game is free to play and you always hit jackpot!

Ways to Play the Sex Game

  1. By Yourself
  2. Hands down (pun fully intended), solo-sex is the best way to discover what we enjoy when it comes to sexual pleasure. Taking time out to masturbate has so many benefits, as we all know, but we may be guilty of not letting our hands explore enough. The Pleasure Slot Machine will change that. Spin stimulation combos that you may never have considered without some inspiration. Discover erogenous zones you may never have touched before. Feel sexual pleasure you may bever have experienced. Also, these little self-love challenges will ignite sexual desire – bringing creativity to our sex lives, and fuelling some erotic fantasies. Sure, you can play whilst in bed with your vibrator; but likewise, a spin of the Pleasure Slot Machine at your desk could spark some great day dreams.

  3. With A Partner
  4. See the Smile Makers’ sex game as an opportunity to get more playful with your partner. Generating new and unexpected pleasure combinations will spark a lot of excitement, and encourage exploration of each other’s body in ways you’ve never tried before. Sometimes we can find it hard to communicate with our partner what we find pleasurable, so a fun game can be a great lubricant for those discussions. More so, what we find enjoyable is ever-changing therefore taking time to revisit erogenous zones can be well worth our partner’s time. Long-term or casual, it’s easy to get into a sex routine with our significant other. If you’re looking to mix things up in the bedroom, a pleasure roulette can break old habits and refresh things a little. One game session may have lasting effects on the moves you make further down the line.

  5. As A Beginner
  6. The first-time using a vibrator can be pretty nerve-racking for some, toys such as The Millionaire are a great place to start. But, then what? A playful self-love game will help inspire curiosity, and get us thinking about our bodies as a pleasure map. When we’re new to masturbating, knowing that there’s so many ways to stimulate ourselves takes the pressure off. The Pleasure Slot Machine is a superb reminder that vaginal penetration isn’t the only way to have sex, as sex education often implies.

  7. Share with Friends
  8. Okay, so hear us out. We think this fun tool could be the perfect way to get some fun and light-hearted conversations going with your closest friends. Share the game in your top group chats and see what combos everyone lands on; some may require some imagination and help brainstorming ideas. Finding fun ways to talk about our sexuality with our friends not only breaks those taboos that vulva owners should stay quiet about sex, but also allows us to bond with some of our favorite people over one of the greatest pleasures in life... sexual!

How to Play

Find The Pleasure Slot Machine here at Smile Makers, we recommend bookmarking to your favorites so sexual inspiration is always at hand. Tip: for easy access to the game, why not add it to your phone home screen?

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