At Smile Makers, we believe that knowledge of their bodies is an essential tool to women’s empowerment.
We make sexual wellbeing a legitimate health topic and A SOCIAL RIGHT.
And we’re not just saying it!

For every t-shirt you bought with us, we sponsored a comprehensive Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Awareness Program to a woman in Bihar, India.

This program aims at educating her about her body and teach her appropriate and safe health practices.

This project is managed by Academy of Root Development. Academy of Root Development is working in 10 Panchayats (local government areas) in Guraru Block of Gaya District, which comprise 29,000 households. Currently, there are 1,386 adolescent girls and 231 pregnant women participating in the Family Planning Awareness program and ARD hopes to reach a target of 3-4000 women. More info on this program here