1 out of 8 women gets breast cancer.
Touching yourself reduces risk.

This is why Smile Makers is donating 10% of sales to Pink Ribbon organisation. Educate yourself now!

Eat healthy food, do sports, get enough sleep and… touch yourself!

Stress-relief, better sleep, mood-boosting hormones… Orgasms work magic for our body! And with orgasms, our body releases oxytocin, which, research suggests, strengthens the immune system and helps prevent cancer.

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Touching yourself can save your life…

Research has shown that vibrators users are more prone to doing self-examination and undergoing regular check-up exams with their gynecologist. All these are key to early detection. And when detected and treated early, survival rate to breast cancer is close to 100%. So ladies, touch yourself and go get a check-up!

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Self-pleasure helps you reconnect to your body

Cancer and its treatment puts your body through a showdown, and might make you feel like your body is no longer yours. During and after the ordeal of cancer, take time for yourself to rediscover the wonders your body has to offer! Discover all our tips to claim back your body and enjoy yourself!

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10% of Smile Makers’ online sales in October is donated to
Pink Ribbon International
a non-profit organisation aimed to support breast cancer patients.

And with every order you place with us in October, you get
a free Pink October tote bag
to help us spread the message!

The fight starts with you.
Learn self-examination now.

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