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  • The Firefighter Limited Edition

    USD 60.00

    Sex is a joyful thing and we have partnered up with Flower by Edie Parker to celebrate it. This special edition of our popular clitoral vibrator features an exterior packaging co-designed by Smile Makers and Flower by Edie Parker. The Firefighter will show you a good time with its rounded nose and flame shape that extends the stimulation from the clitoral glans to the labia around.
    SIZE: 14.7cm x 4.5cm x 3.2cm

  • The Romantic

    The Romantic

    USD 89.00

    This vaginal vibrator embeds a powerful motor in its curved head to send deep vibrations to your G-spot, while its ridged sides stimulate the many nerve endings of lower third of the vagina.
    SIZE: 18.9 cm x 4 cm


  • The Firefighter – Clit Vibrator - main banner mobile

    The Firefighter

    USD 60.00

    A broad stimulation on and around the clitoral glans is one of the most popular masturbation techniques used by people with vulvas. To deliver a wide yet intense clitoral massage, we have designed this ergonomic vibrator with a rounded nose to apply on the clit nub and a flame shape to extend the vibrations to your intimate lips. Turn up the heat…
    SIZE: 14.7cm x 4.5cm x 3.2cm

  • Ballerina thumbnail

    The Ballerina

    USD 200.00

    Pamper yourself to a first-class experience with a one-of-a-kind vibrator. The Ballerina’s organic shape cups the vulva into an intimate embrace and delivers a wholesome stimulation. Its unique texture provides a firm and velvety feel, similar to a lover touching you.
    Forget it’s even there and discover a new kind of pleasure, in places you’ve never felt before…
    SIZE: 9 cm x 6 cm X 3.5 cm


  • The Billionaire – Vibrator For Beginners - Main Banner mobile

    The Billionaire

    USD 60.00

    Curious to try out vibrators? This sensual toy is the perfect pick to give it a go and redefine your pleasure ambition. Its sleek and versatile shape makes it ideal for clitoral massages and to explore the luxurious sensations of vaginal stimulation. Featuring a powerful technology, it delivers strong and rumbling vibrations for more intense orgasms. Spoil yourself with pleasure.
    SIZE: 14.4cm x 3.4cm x 3.4cm

  • Surfer thumbnail

    The Surfer

    USD 34.00

    Did you know 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to climax? Our bullet vibrator is fitted with little fins on its rounded head to provide a gentle touch on the clitoris nub. Take it with you anywhere!
    SIZE: 9.8 cm x 3 cm

  • The Tennis Pro – G Spot Vibrator - main banner mobile

    The Tennis Pro

    USD 60.00

    Unlock toe-curling orgasms with this elegantly contoured internal vibrator. Its pleasure technology has been optimized to deliver powerful and smooth vibrations for a sensual massage. Its angled and rounded head organically targets your erogenous area for mind-blowing G-spot stimulation. Discover the pleasure of blended orgasms.

    SIZE: 15.3cm x 3cm x 4.2cm

  • The French Lover – Tongue Vibrator - main banner mobile

    Sold out

    The French Lover

    USD 60.00

    Give in to the irresistible stimulation of a soft tongue teasing you in all the right places… The French Lover is a delicate vibrating tongue made of the smoothest silicone for a real feel on the skin. Combined with its a powerful vibration technology, this oral sex simulator will surely have you shivering with pleasure. Ready for an oral lesson?
    SIZE: 15.8cm x 4.8cm x 2.8cm

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