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  • Stay Silky Serum thumbnail

    Stay Silky Serum

    USD 25.00

    Don’t let skin friction get in the way of your pleasure. This natural feel lubricant pampers your vulva’s skin with a 100% safe, water-based formulation. Its balanced. Non-sticky texture for external stimulation.
    Volume: 30 ml

  • The Romantic

    The Romantic

    USD 89.00

    This vaginal vibrator embeds a powerful motor in its curved head to send deep vibrations to your G-spot, while its ridged sides stimulate the many nerve endings of lower third of the vagina.
    SIZE: 18.9 cm x 4 cm


  • Generous Gel thumbnail

    Generous Gel

    USD 25.00

    Did you know 8 out of 10 women have experienced pain during penetrative sex? It’s awfully common, but it doesn’t mean we should settle for it. So, cushion up with our lubricant gel for woman, and enjoy sex like you should!
    Volume: 30ml

  • Fireman thumbnail

    The Fireman

    USD 55.00

    Did you know the stimulation of the labia can lead to more intense orgasms? This rounded-nose and flame-shaped clitoral vibrator extends the vibe from the clit nub to your intimate lips and bring you a unique sensorial experience. Get ready to melt…
    SIZE: 14 cm x 3 cm

  • Intimate Kiss thumbnail

    Sold out

    Intimate kiss

    USD 80.00

    Imagine the soft and flexible touch of a tongue on your most sensitive area… Our Frenchman, an oral sex simulator made with the smoothest silicon, paired with Stay Silky Serum, a natural water-based lubricant, recreates for you the wonders of oral sex for an unforgettable experience…
    SIZE: Frenchman: 14.6 cm x 3 cm & Stay Silky Serum: 30ml


  • First Time thumbnail

    Sold out

    First time

    USD 80.00

    First time buying a vibrator? We have designed the perfect set to discover the pleasure of the vibe! Featuring the Millionaire, a versatile vibrator for external and internal stimulation, and a soft lubricant.
    SIZE: Millionaire: 12.8 cm x 3 cm & Stay Silky Serum: 30ml


  • Erogenous Ecstacy thumbnail

    Erogenous Ecstasy

    USD 110.00

    Your body is a pleasure powerhouse and this duo of vibes is here to turn it on. Explore your body’s sensitive zones with the Frenchman, a soft tongue vibrator, and put on the heat with the Fireman, an intense vulva massager that knows how to play with your most delicate spot.
    SIZE: Fireman: 14 cm x 3 cm & Frenchman: 14.6 cm x 3 cm


  • Self Exploration thumbnail


    USD 110.00

    The woman’s body holds wonders of pleasure waiting to be unlocked… So, take time to explore your sensations and discover your way(s) to the big O with this sensual set, featuring an intense clitoral vibrator and a gentle G-spot massager!
    SIZE: Tennis Coach: 14.6 cm x 3 cm & Fireman: 14 cm x 3 cm


  • Ballerina thumbnail

    The Ballerina

    USD 200.00

    Pamper yourself to a first-class experience with a one-of-a-kind vibrator. The Ballerina’s organic shape cups the vulva into an intimate embrace and delivers a wholesome stimulation. Its unique texture provides a firm and velvety feel, similar to a lover touching you.
    Forget it’s even there and discover a new kind of pleasure, in places you’ve never felt before…
    SIZE: 9 cm x 6 cm X 3.5 cm


  • Millionaire thumbnail

    The Millionaire

    USD 55.00

    Did you know what we call the G-spot is actually a zone on the vagina’s front wall where it comes in contact with the internal structure of the clitoris? This internal vibrator features a rounded head to provide a powerful massage of that area. Discover the pleasure of G-spot stimulation and orgasm.
    SIZE: 12.8 cm x 3 cm

  • Surfer thumbnail

    The Surfer

    USD 34.00

    Did you know 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to climax? Our bullet vibrator is fitted with little fins on its rounded head to provide a gentle touch on the clitoris nub. Take it with you anywhere!
    SIZE: 9.8 cm x 3 cm

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