Welcome to the Surfer exclusive Pre-Sale!

Shhh… Your favorite blogger just got you access to the Smile Makers secret club. Welcome !

Meet the Surfer

Who he is: He paddles hard and rides smooth. Hang ten with this pro for an experience that will leave you feeling stoked.

What he is: A powerful and super quiet bullet vibrator for external use.

Buy your Surfer now and participate to your fave blogger’s photo contest!

To get a chance to see your own photo featured on your favorite blogger’s Insta, follow the steps:

Step 1: Purchase The Surfer before anybody else here

Step 2: Take a photo with your Surfer – be creative!

Step 3: Use these 2 hashtags on your photo:

#omoment (like Orgasm Moment, get it? ;)): use #omoment and add an emoji at the end to describe how was your moment with the Surfer. Some ideas? #omoment? #omoment? #omoment? #omoment? #omoment? #omoment?             There’s no limit to the fun!

#Your blogger’s hashtag so she can find your photo and maybe make it the winner photo!

Enjoy the ride and happy #omoment!


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Country: US