Self love with Fireman

A unique clitoral vibrator to upgrade me-time

Most clitoral vibrators offer either a very laser-focus stimulation on the clitoris or an overall pressure on the whole vulva area. The Fireman combines both to bring you a mind-blowing experience! Apply the tip on your clitoris, and the flame over the vulva area, and experiment with its 4 speeds and 2 pulsation modes!

Foreplay revisited

Use it on yourself while your partner watch, for a very exciting experience!
Your partner can use it on you while attending to other special areas… Nothing wrong with getting some extra help!

How to have an orgasm with your partner
Tips to use: The Fireman, a unique clitoral vibrator

3 to tang’O

Clitoral stimulation is a must on the road to the big O. So, ask your partner to use the Fireman on you during penetrative sex. The additional stimulation might help you get there faster….and stronger

Multi-orgasms with our Fireman

Multi Orgasm with Fireman

Step 1 – Build up arousal by applying the nose of the Fireman on the clitoris and the flame on the labia.

Step 2 – Let your first orgasm roll over you, move up again the nose but keep stimulating the labia by keeping the lame on it, and you can also stimulate other eregoneous areas.

Step 3 – Start over!

Step 4 – BREATHE, relax and experiment what works best for you!

Wondering how to use it? Check our friendly cartoon here: