Tips to use: The Frenchman, the softest oral sex vibrator

A French Kiss down there

Soft and flexible like a tongue, the Frenchman is the perfect sensual toy to recreate oral sex sensation. Add some light lubricant to its tip and stroke the clitoris and the labia with it. Play with the speeds and the pulsation mode to make it even more interesting…

The surprising breast orgasm

Did you know that nipple stimulation activates the same region of the brain as clitoral and vaginal stimulations? So, take the time to explore the sensitivity of this zone. Use our Frenchman to give very light and soft touch on the nipples, leading to a slow build up.

Aimer son corps
Clitoris and vagina_ each area has is kind of caress - blog post

Foreplay made well

Men identify as many erogenous zones as women, so don’t be selfish and share the pleasure of the vibe with your partner. Play with our Frenchman to explore each other’s erogenous zones. You now have two hands and two tongues to surprise and delight each other!

Wondering how to use it? Check our friendly cartoon here: