The perfect pick to discover vibrators

Our tips to use: The Millionaire, an elegant vibrator for women

Start with a gentle intimate massage

It soft rounded head creates a lovely touch on the clitoris and gives you with an irresistible stimulation. You can also apply it on the labia to massage them. Take your time to savour the sensations!

Explore your inner self

Insert its gentle and perfectly fitting shape and play with the speeds and modes to take you to a satisfying destination. But don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

Don’t fake orgasms: have a threesome instead

Faking an orgasm does no-one any favour, so don’t! If you don’t come during sex, let your partner finish what he/she has started by stimulating you with a vibrator. Having your partner do it means they’re still the one bringing you to a climax, so they won’t feel left out and you won’t feel cheated out of coming.

Extend foreplay for anal sex

Oral sex made better (yes, it’s possible)

Oral sex is wonderful, we all know that. But it can be made even better if your partner uses a vibrator inside you while they stimulate your clitoris with their tongue (leaving your hands free to grip the headboard!). Visually this is a huge turn on for them as well as for you.

Wondering how to use it? Check our friendly cartoon here: