Tips to use: The Surfer, a mini clit vibrator

Unlock the power of clitoral orgasms

Our compact clit vibrator is a powerful and gifted player, who knows how to get you there. Apply its rounded head with the little fins on it on your clitoris, and play with its 3 speeds and its pulsation mode to increase the stimulation. And let the wave of pleasure roll you over…

Get yourself a travel companion

Portable and perfectly shaped with a rounded head and little fins, discreet and powerful, the Surfer is the ideal accessory to de-stress on your travels.

Travel companion
Touch yourself with your hands

Ride the big O

70% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm. So, why not ask your partner to enhance the pleasure of penetration by using it on you during sex to surf waves of pleasure together?

Share the pleasure of the vibe

Applying the rounded head of our Surfer on your partner’s genitalia while giving oral sex will surely create a delightful surprise and a mind-blowing experience (pun intended)!

Share the pleasure of the vibe

Wondering how to use it? Check our friendly cartoon here: