What is the G-spot?

What is the G-spot?

According to the latest research on female anatomy, the mysterious G-spot would be that area on the front wall of the vagina that gets pressed against the internal structure of the clitoris by the penis during penetration. As you get aroused, the clitoris swells, and becomes more sensitive to that pressure…And it is to reach that special place that our Tennis Coach has been strategically shaped!

How to give yourself a mind-blowing indoor session?

Tips to use: The Tennis Coach, a gentle G-spot vibrator

Never neglect foreplay, even with your vibrator

Our Tennis Coach may be a G-spot vibrator, but it does not mean you have to rush your way in! You can start by applying its rounded head on the clitoris glans, using speed 1 then speed 2 for a gentle build up. You can also massage the labia around the vagina.

Orientation and pulsation

As you insert the Tennis Coach inside your vagina, make sure its rounded head is looking toward the front wall. Then, you can gently apply it on several different spots to explore yourself. As you find your inner spot, play with the 2 pulsation modes to deliver a more intense stimulation!

Masturbation good for your health
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Lube it up!

For extra smoothness and a delicious glide, use a water-based lubricant, compatible with the silicone. It will make the in and out movements all the more pleasurable and allow you to find more easily the rhythm that you like.

Embrace sensual mindfulness

As you spend time with yourself and your vibrating friend, close your eyes, breathe and focus on the sensations. What do you like? Is there a specific stimulation you had never taken he time to appreciate? An area you had never realized was erogenous to you? Enjoy it NOW!

Masturbation is good for you

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