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28 Sep 2023 (Last updated 28 Sep 2023)

How I masturbate: Willow, 24.

Solo sex 4 min read
Smile Makers Author
How I masturbate: Willow, 24.

This month’s masturbation diary is by Willow, who makes it very clear that masturbating in a relationship is important, too. Get ready to be inspired by her libido awareness and how she tunes into it!

Living situation: Just recently moved in with my boyfriend. Lived with my parents and siblings prior to this.

Relationship status: Taken.

Pronouns: She/her.

What sexual orientation best fits you right now? Straight.

How many sex toys do you own? My friends and boyfriend say too many… The Surfer was the first sex toy I ever bought, and I now also have The Billionaire.

Do you ever use lube during masturbation? Sometimes.

What do you call masturbation? Masturbation. Anything using fingers or toys. (I bought a new toy, it arrived last night. I cannot wait to go and masturbate with it when I get some free time tonight.)

How would you describe your libido at the moment? Very high, always has been. I like to have climaxed before, during & after sex. Thankfully, I’ve found the man that can do that for me. By using toys together or just being good with his hands ;)

Growing up, what kind of convos did you have about sex? We didn’t really talk about sex in my house as I’m the oldest of four. But had lots of conversations with my friends. I lost it much later than them (17.), so I was clueless about angles, sizes, what I like etc. so they would always talk about all of that. Then, when I finally lost my virginity I did exactly the same. We even talk about our sex lives now. All happy and living with our boyfriends. But if we have good or bad sex, we always give each other tips and a little peep into what it’s like. Just like we’re those naughty teens sneaking out to meet boys again. 😂

At what age do you first remember masturbating? I remember really hating the thought of doing it myself and I did it at about 15. Absolutely spooked myself as I kept thinking about the time I got a tampon stuck and refused to do it again. When I was 17, I went to an Ann Summers party and they helped with some tips and tricks to do it which really helped.

Willow's masturbation diary.

Week one.

I was so stressed with moving in with my boyfriend. So on Wednesday night, knowing my boyfriend was at Boys Club (a night at his friend’s bar.) I ran a nice, soapy bath for myself.

Halfway through I thought ‘This is so peaceful I might just treat myself some more.’ So I got a glass of wine, and “The Surfer” and slowly went away with the sensations. Teasing myself on and off until I was ready to release all my stress from climaxing. It was honestly the best way to destress and then it made me very horny when my boyfriend came home later that evening. That was all for that week of solo masturbating.

Week two.

After the week before of just solo masturbating once, I decided to go deep into the box of toys and my fingers. I would wake up in the mood, and if my boyfriend didn’t have time before work, I would wave him goodbye and have some alone time to myself. 😅

This happened about four times in one week. It set me up for a good day at work, but I did feel like my boyfriend was missing out and like I was betraying him. (Which totally isn’t true because we all need some alone time, even if it is to fulfil your sexual needs by yourself.)

Week three.

The week of the period. Usually, when I’m on my period, it’s messy if we have sex, so if I’m in the mood, I take myself off for a shower and do it in there (with my boyfriend knowing this time😂). However this time,  I had the worst period; I went to the hospital and got diagnosed with endometriosis, a popped cyst & PCOS. So for me, there was no solo time :(

Week four. 

Oh my, I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t had any sex for a week or what the sun has done to me 🙈 I haven’t stopped. I’ve called my boyfriend up to our room while I’m solo masturbating, which has led to many lovely times in the bedroom using toys during sex.

I have Fridays off and I was supposed to clean the house in the morning - but instead I charged up and changed all the batteries on all the sex toys. I got some lube and have had many orgasms using more than one toy together! I’m feeling good about myself, which helps with the libido. I wish this form was more than a 150 word max haha…

Masturbation diaries by the Smile Makers' community are here to talk about what we rarely talk about... how we actually masturbate! We hope to inspire and prove that each and every one of us is writing our very own sexual story. We also adore that it's a great time to reflect on our monthly pleasure, and really take note of how it impacts our wellness.

Want to share yours? Let us know what a month of masturbating (or not!) looked like for you, and if we feature yours, we'll send you Smile Makers' goodie as a token of our appreciation for inspiring us all.

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