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13 Nov 2023 (Last updated 13 Nov 2023)

How I masturbate: Olivia, 33.

Solo sex 2 min read
Smile Makers Author
How I masturbate: Olivia, 33.

This month’s masturbation diary is by Olivia, a married woman who recognizes how sometimes life - and periods - can get in the way of pleasure.

Our libido can fluctuate often because of stress and hormones; understanding how these things can impact our sexual wellness is kind of a life hack. Especially learning more about how the menstrual cycle can impact us throughout the whole month.

When it comes to period sex, though it’s not for everyone, research has shown that sexual pleasure (solo or partnered) can help decrease menstrual cramps - another life hack!

Living situation:  Living with partner.

Relationship status: Married.

Pronouns: She/her.

What sexual orientation best fits you right now? Heterosexual.

How many sex toys do you own? Two, including The Firefighter.

Do you ever use lube during masturbation? Sometimes.

What do you call masturbation? Self-pleasure!

How would you describe your libido at the moment? I'm less interested right now.

Growing up, what kind of convos did you have about sex? To only have sex after marriage. That’s it.

At what age do you first remember masturbating? 16 years old.

Olivia's masturbation diary.

Week one.

Have the urge to self-pleasure, but it's not convenient because it's the time of month again. I tried previously having sex during my menstrual period, but it is way too messy and requires a lot of cleaning up afterward. As such, I am not keen to do it anymore, even though my partner loves it, probably because of the unlimited "natural lubricant."

Week two.

Not in a good mood this week. Probably because I waited for my menses to be over, hoping for lovemaking, but my partner is way too busy. Or is it probably because of PMS? (Not sure either) Ever since Covid-19, my partner has been busy with work. He gets home late or has to fly around for his business trip.

Week three.

Had a strong urge to self-pleasure, so one evening I decided to do a quicky. I went to the toilet and used the spray hose to aim at my most sensitive area, my clitoris. I continuously sprayed for a few minutes until I felt the shock of pleasure and stopped immediately (otherwise, it feels painful as the jet spray is too strong). During my teenage years, while washing my vulva, I unknowingly discovered this method of pleasuring myself, and I was hooked on this technique until my partner got me my first vibrator, The Firefighter.

Week four.

I am totally not in any sexual mood this week. I probably cleared my sexual urge last week. Or probably I am too lethargic this week? There are a lot of pending tasks on my list yet to be completed. With all the gatherings plus the celebration of different September birthdays, my time is mainly outside.

Masturbation diaries by the Smile Makers' community are here to talk about what we rarely talk about... how we actually masturbate! We hope to inspire and prove that each and every one of us is writing our very own sexual story. It's also a great time to reflect on our monthly pleasure, and really take note of how it impacts our wellness.

Want to share yours? Let us know what a month of masturbating (or not!) looked like for you, and if we feature yours, we'll send you Smile Makers' goodie as a token of our appreciation for inspiring us all.

For sexual wellness content that inspires even more pleasure in your life, follow @SmileMakersCollection - or check out our colorful collection of different types of vibrators for beginners and beyond.
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