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Personal lubricant.

Goodbye dryness and discomfort. Hello silky smooth sensations and better sex all-round. Our personal lubricant has been formulated with the perfect pH for penetrative sex – both vaginal and anal. So lube up and partner up – or, get ready for some super-slippery sex toy fun. 30 ml/1,01 fl.oz


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Generous Gel



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    Condom compatible

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    Vegan + cruelty-free

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    FDA approved

Friction-free fun for everyone

The clues in the name with this one. Generous in its ability to add a whole lot of slipperiness to sexcapades – and perfect for use on all your pleasure points.

A little lube goes a long way

Our long-lasting water-based formula is always slippy, never sticky.

Generous Gel


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Ingredients and other important stuff

Carbomer: an allergen-free thickener that alters the viscosity in the product. It’s pharma-grade, meaning it’s FDA-approved (the gold standard for purity). 

Dipotassium glycyrrhizate: an anti-stinging, anti-inflammatory natural plant extract used to counter irritation caused by mechanical friction during sexual activity. It is used by some luxury Japanese skincare and French skincare brands

Sodium benzoate: a salt used as a natural preservative to prevent microbial growth. This is used instead of parabens, as these have been deemed by the US FDA as potentially dangerous (carcinogenic).

Refined glycerine: a water-soluble synthetic used to make the lubricant slippery. It is used in skincare products to retain moisture on the skin.

Methyl propanediol: a brand new product on the market that we have chosen because it is the highest grade available and it provides the benefits of silicone (increased slipperiness) without using silicone. This makes our lubricant far more slippery and silky than other water-based lubricants, plus, makes it safe for use with sex toys.

Volume: 30 ml


Our Generous Gel has been formulated with the purest thickening agent, so it lasts, and lasts, and lasts…

Absolutely. All the ingredients have the highest purity level so are super safe. There’s no spermicide and nothing that will upset the vagina’s habitat.

It sure is. The water-based formula won’t break down or damage condoms, making it the perfect addition to all your bedroom antics. Check out our Come Connected Condoms to find out more.

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