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About Smile Makers

We’re Smile Makers: pioneers in female sexual wellness and the first people to put vibrators front-and-center of the world’s biggest beauty stores. We develop elegant, ergonomic sex toys and accessories you’ll want to display proudly on your nightstand – and are behind a growing global community that celebrates, and prioritizes, pleasure.

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We bring sex out in the open

Sex toys and essentials, minus the stigma

Whoever you are, whatever you’re into, and whether you’re new to self-pleasure or not – we’ve got something for everyone. There’s only one rule to what we do: we feel comfortable showing our mothers.

Research based on real bodies and desires

It’s a hard job, but we figured someone had to do it. We develop all our products ourselves, basing our designs on real anatomy and insights from thousands of women all over the world.

And the sex ed that you wish you’d had

Forget everything they taught (or didn’t teach) you in high school. Introducing our pleasure-positive sex education platform, Vulva Talks. Created by our community, for our community.


We’re making sexual wellness more mainstream

Since starting out in 2012, it’s been our mission to make vibrators available in everyday beauty stores. Sexual wellness should be talked about. It affects our physical and emotional wellbeing. And some of the world’s biggest brands agreed. That’s why you’ll now find us in the likes of Sephora, Ulta Beauty and Urban Outfitters.

And we make all of our products ourselves

When it comes to products, we don’t buy off-the-shelf. Our award-winning collection is based on scientific research, expert advice, and real desires – and is continuously improved based on your feedback. But, most important of all, everything’s 100% body-safe.

A global perspective on pleasure

Our team is proud to be 75% female, and brings together talent from the US, UK, Sweden, Taiwan, France, Mauritius, Singapore, Mongolia, and The Philippines.

What people say about us

  • "Smile Makers, (...) wants to change attitudes to self-pleasure."

  • "Smile Makers, (...) are championing individuality of sexual experience rather than a "one size fits all" approach"

  • "Smile Makers has the motto “we bring vulva sexuality out into the open” and they do so through ergonomically built sex toys, which are bound to induce a lot of ‘smiles’ in their customers." 

  • "Smile Makers has long been one of the best brands for sex toys for women around. They've been leading the way for almost a decade when it comes to sexual wellbeing products that empower the needs and desires of females."

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