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Smile Makers

Joining forces with 500 moms from the leading network of mothers in the UK, and answering calls from our respective communities, we decided to tackle the taboo of motherhood and sex. More specifically, the journey back to sex after childbirth.

To do this, we started by gathering first-hand testimonials and insights into that journey. We sat in a focus group and ran a 3 month-long survey with Mumsnet's community.

What the research showed

Moms are proud of their bodies!

While over 60% grapple with body image, the story doesn't stop there. A whopping 84% find pride in what their bodies have accomplished, and 63% hold their bodies in high regard. As they should!

They are also nervous about sex

About 58% shared that they feel those nervous butterflies when it comes to getting back into the swing of things. What's holding moms back from fully enjoying their sex lives? It's a mix of feeling self-conscious, battling the clock, and battling exhaustion. Plus, for some, there's the challenge of dealing with scar tissue on the genital area, which understandably causes nervousness about internal penetration.

Intimacy and the magic of clitoral stimulation

Half had resumed sexual activity within 12 weeks, which also means that half need more time. In fact, 4 in 5 say that they're more interested in connection and intimacy than sex itself.

Giving oneself some well-deserved attention can make a real difference. About 70% of moms have found ways to reconnect with their bodies after giving birth, with over half saying that they've...

Gentle and efficient

Together with mothers, we have created a vibrator to help them reconnect with pleasure. It focuses on clitoral stimulation and not penetration.

To cater for scar tissue and heightened sensitivity, The Whisperer's patented design is made with super soft and flexible silicone. This creates a very gentle touch on the clitoris. Its curved tip follows the anatomy of the highly sensitive clitoral glans.

Tackling taboos

“The Whisperer was born out of the frustration of moms pleasure being ignored. Moms have sex, too - and we're proud to have worked with so many of them to help inspire others. to reconnect with their sexual selves."

Samantha Marshall

Smile Makers Head of Brand

Created with mothers, for mothers

To walk the talk, The Whisperer was specifically designed for new mothers to enjoy. The shape and texture was designed based on the researched we led together. Even the name was crowdsourced from our communities.

Final thoughts

“Mumsnet has always been a place where women can share opinions, knowledge and advice on anything and everything, including sex. We hear frequently from women who are struggling to reconnect with their sexuality after having children, or who can't find the support or information they need in order to do so."

Justine Roberts

Founder of Mumsnet

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