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A dildo generally does not vibrate and is intended for penetration. Vibrators…vibrate and a lot of them are not meant to be inserted into the body, but to be used for external stimulation.

It depends on the product you have. All Smile Makers vibrators at are now rechargeable, with a USB charging cable included in every box (USB power adapter not included). For older versions of Smile Makers vibrators, an AA or AAA battery might be required. See below, or refer to the product manual for further information.

AA battery required:

(Only if bought before September 2023, or from a Smile Makers stockist still selling battery-operated vibes. Check details on your favorite retailer’s page.) The French Lover, The Firefighter, The Tennis Pro, The Billionaire.

AAA battery required:

(Bought before 2021.) The Frenchman, The Fireman, The Tennis Coach, The Millionaire, The Surfer.

All Smile Makers vibrators are rechargeable. In every box, a USB charging cable* is included, with a pin to insert into the vibrator. See below, or refer to the product manual for specific sizing per vibrator.

Vibrators bought recently:

17 mm charging pin (2.5 mm diameter): The Firefighter, The Tennis Pro, The Billionaire, The French Lover, The Surfer, The Whisperer, The Neighbor, The Romantic, The Ballerina, The Artist, The Poet

Vibrators bought before 2024:

11.5 mm charging pin (2 mm diameter): The Romantic, The Ballerina, The Poet

13.5 mm charging pin (2 mm diameter): The Artist

If you have misplaced your charging cable and need a replacement, contact us.  

*USB power adapter not included.

When your vibrator needs charging, a light above or on the button will blink. To charge your vibrator, connect it to a power source using the USB cable* included in the box. Insert the pin end into the tiny hole marked by a charge ⚡ symbol. While charging, the light will stay on. When the light turns off, your vibrator is fully charged.

On first charge, it may feel like you're piercing the silicone but don't worry! We've made the charging hole tiny to be a snug fit so that your vibrator can also be cleaned with water easily without damage. Plus, who doesn’t love some shower fun?! 

 *USB power adapter not included.

Product safety and quality are our top priorities. We take sexual pleasure for women very seriously. So we work with the medical community to create products designed for women’s pleasure, and totally safe for women’s bodies.

Smile Makers vibrators are manufactured in accordance with safety standards previously unheard of in sex toys manufacturing.

  • We choose to follow the same safety and quality standards that are used for high-end consumer electronics. To our knowledge no other sex toys meet the same safety and quality standards. Consequently, our products are not manufactured with other sex toys, but rather alongside some of the most well-known and highly regarded consumer electronics brands.
  • We are proud of the quality of our manufacturing and quality control. Our suppliers are qualified using the same criteria as used by the world’s largest consumer goods companies. Each component is thoroughly tested on safety, quality and durability before we accept it as a part of a Smile Maker. On-going, every new batch of components is tested. Once the production is finalized, the finished products are also tested.
  • Every Smile Maker is waterproof and made with body-safe silicone approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. We source our silicone from the same supplier as some of the world’s leading medical equipment manufacturers. Neither our products nor any of our packaging components contain phthalates.
  • Our products are also independently tested and certified in accordance with regional regulations. For example, for sales in the European Union our products have been independently tested and certified with the CE mark in accordance with European Directives EMC directive (2004/108/EC). Smile Makers also adhere to the European Union’s directive on Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS).

Our lubricant is the safest to your body

  • First of all, they do not contain paraben or fragrance.
  • Second of all, we use the purest form for each ingredient, making them pharma-graded. This means our lubricants are as safe to your body as products used in a hospital.
  • We use only 5 ingredients and we are 100% transparent about them:
  • We have been certified CE Mark 2A, which means that the formulation, manufacturing processes and claims have been reviewed by an independent EU body.

If you have any further questions regarding the safety of Smile Makers products, please contact us at

To keep it clean and happy, wash your vibrator with water and soap, then pat it dry with a clean towel. We recommend doing this before and after use. Don’t worry, Smile Makers are 100% waterproof (hello solo shower sex!).

Yes, all Smile Maker vibrator components are vegan friendly. Our lubricant is a vegan friendly formulated with your body's safety in mind.

Smile Makers HQ is based in Singapore. Our vibrators are made with love and care in Shanghai, China, and our lubricants with equal love and care just outside of Bangkok, Thailand.
Our manufacturing partners are highly reputed companies who supply to some of the world's largest and most respected brands in the world.
Our lubricants manufacturer works with companies like L'Oreal, Elizabeth Arden and GSK and are responsible for the production of highly sensitive products, such as baby toothpaste.
Our partner for vibrator manufacturing works with high-end consumer electronics companies.
At Smile Makers we have safety, regulatory compliance, and fair working conditions as base requirements for our suppliers. This starts by doing an audit before any agreement is signed, and then by personally visiting the premises on a regular basis. Over the past 8 years, we have spent a lot of time on the premises, on the factory floors, speaking with the staff and inspecting all steps in the manufacturing process. Further, we in turn require that our partners apply the same level of strict controls on all of their suppliers.
But, don’t just take our word for it. We use globally recognised third parties to check production and sourcing conditions. So, not only do we rely on internal audits, but external audits too. To demonstrate that they can meet our ethical standards and requirements, our manufacturing partners have undergone an independent ethical audit or certification of their production sites with Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, meaning all Smile Makers products are SMETA compliant.
SMETA stands for Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit.
Assesses the standards of labour, health and safety, environment and business ethics.
These are the key areas for assessing Smile Makers’ responsible business practices and social compliance.
Both manufacturing partners have also achieved Medical Device Manufacturing ISO certifications from BSI or SGS. These confirm that the quality controls are sufficiently stringent to handle products used in hospitals or medicines, showcasing the high standards we hold for our products when it comes to being body-safe.
We endeavour to go above and beyond legislative requirements in order to ensure we offer products that are safe, of high quality, and made by people who are treated well and with respect. This is how we are able to sell in markets where other brands cannot, and why we have no intention of changing manufacturing partners. Our understanding is that work is being done to harmonize restricted requirements for sexual wellness brands, and that is something we would eagerly welcome.


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All Smile Makers vibrators come with a warranty for a period of TWO (2) YEARS, after the date of original purchase, against defects due to faulty workmanship or materials. If you discover a defect and notify us during the warranty period, we will replace it free of charge. The warranty covers working parts that affect the product’s function. It does not cover cosmetic deterioration caused by fair wear and tear or damage caused by accident, misuse or neglect. Any attempt to open or take apart the product will void the warranty. Claims under warranty must be supported by reasonable evidence that the date of the claim is within the warranty period. To validate your warranty, please keep your original purchase receipt together with these warranty conditions for the duration of the warranty period. To claim your warranty, please email customercare@ informing us of the nature of the fault, and attaching evidence of purchase. In certain circumstances, you may be asked to return the product to us for inspection. This is to ensure we investigate faulty products and improve our processes for future users.


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