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    The Artist

    The Artist

    The rabbit vibrator.

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    The Ballerina

    The vulva vibrator.

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    The Whisperer

    The lipstick vibrator.


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    Hot Orgasmic Manifestation

    Hot Orgasmic Manifestation

    Erotic sex candle.

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    Generous Gel

    Personal lubricant.

    Come Connected

    Come Connected

    Ultra-thin vegan condoms.

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    For a playful intro to sex toys, try silicone vibrators. They’re super soft, body-safe and easy to clean. Remember, using a sex toy is a personal experience, and what works for one person may not work for another. So, consider what kind of vibrator you want and the area you want to stimulate. Are you looking for solo play or to use with a partner? What shape and size will be comfortable for you? Our Smile Makers quiz can help.

    Feeling curious? You can use sex toys alone as a fun way to discover your pleasure potential and explore your own body or together with a partner to enhance sex and help build intimacy. On both occasions, begin by familiarizing yourself with the toy, creating a comfortable environment, and starting slowly. Experiment with different settings and focus on your breathing. Communication is key when using a toy with a partner. It is important to listen to your body, find what feels good for you, and practice safe sex and hygiene by cleaning your toy after use. Read our complete guide on how to use a vibe for the first time.

    We always recommend washing your vibrator after every session, so it's good to go next time you're in the mood to vibe. Luckily, all Smile Makers toys are waterproof - and all it takes is some warm water and mild soap to get a clean vibrator. You can rinse them in the sink or make it a clean-clean situation while also showering. Be sure to pat dry with a fresh towel or lint-free cloth.

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