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Intimate wipes.

Period days, spur-of-the-moment sleepovers, workouts and hot weather. Whatever life throws your way, our individually-wrapped intimate wipes formulated for healthy, happy vulvas ensure you’re always ready for anything – and are forever feeling your freshest self. 12 sachets per box.

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Silky (S)wipes



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    Gynecologically approved

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    Made with biodegradable bamboo

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    pH balanced

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Because all vulvas are beautiful

Our Silky (S)wipes are for the vulva – not the vagina. Because the vagina is self-cleaning, it doesn’t need our help staying clean. And comparing the pH levels of the two is like tomato juice vs. grapefruit juice.

...and they all deserve the best

Not only do our Silky (S)wipes have the perfect pH balance for the vulva’s delicate microbiome, they’re enriched with natural prebiotics, too.

Silky (S)wipes


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Ingredients and other important stuff

Free from micro-plastics and made with 100% biodegradable bamboo.

Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide: a skin protecting ingredient synthesized from natural sugars. Acts as a prebiotic that protects and stimulates the beneficial microbial skin flora.

Anthemis nobilis (chamomile) flower extract: a natural chamomile flower extract with skin-soothing and anti-aging properties.

Cetylpyridinium chloride: preservative used in skin care, cosmetics, deodorants, and oral hygiene products.

Dipotassium glycyrrhizate: natural licorice root extract used to soothe the skin and act as an anti-irritant.

Disodium EDTA: a crystalline salt stabilizer that helps keep the formulation together, does not absorb through the skin and is in much smaller amounts than ingestible or intravenous products.

Hypoallergenic fragrance: to cover the scent of the lactic acid, which some find unpleasant.

Inulin: a natural dietary fiber used as a prebiotic, reduces the growth of bad bacteria in favor of friendly microorganisms naturally present on the skin.

Lactic Acid: a natural antimicrobial ingredient for vulva health. Helps maintain an acidic pH to improve skin homeostasis and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil: a softening and soothing ingredient made from the Ricinus communis plant. Acts as a surfactant to help clean the skin.

Propylene glycol:moisturizer that helps delivery of other active ingredients to the skin.

Sodium benzoate: an organic sodium salt frequently used in skin care.

Tocopheryl acetate: a natural form of vitamin E and an antioxidant. Helps fight free radical damage and promote skin healing. It also provides moisture and strengthens skin's protective barrier to prevent moisture loss.

Triethyl citrate: citric acid ester that helps reduce the build-up of unpleasant body odor by inhibiting the sweat-producing bacteria enzyme.

They may be biodegradable, but don’t flush your intimate wipes down the toilet. Always throw them in the trash.


Because bumper packs just aren’t necessary! Our vulvas don’t need to be regularly wiped clean – our handy wipes are just there when you do need them. The individual wrappers mean there’s no risk of them drying out or becoming contaminated. And less wipes means less waste.

Cleaning inside your vagina is a massive no-no. It’s a self-cleaning organ, and its pH balance (which is different to that of the vulva) can easily be disrupted – and this can lead to infections.

Inside you’ll find 12 individually wrapped intimate wipes.

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